WORX WX429 400W 120mm Worxsaw XL Compact Circular Saw : Brilliant saw, worth every penny and a far better option than a full size circular saw for most jobs.

I have only employed this a couple of periods so significantly and it would seem incredibly uncomplicated to use. I intend to lower holes in the shed to healthy windows so that’ll be a rather fantastic test.

Outstanding saw and huge time saver.

WORX WX429 400W 120mm Worxsaw XL Compact Circular Saw

  • Powerful 400W motor cuts through a variety of materials with ease
  • Bevel adjustment for special work conditions
  • Designed for easy one-handed operation
  • Quick cutting depth adjustment for easy setting depth
  • Spindle lock button for easy blade change

I wanted it for receiving out some difficult to get to floor boards.

Outstanding saw and huge time saver.

Cuts by 18mm plywood with simplicity. Only adverse is the bed wasn’t parallel to the blade when it arrived indicating the saw jammed when working with the width information but some moderate encouragement received it sorted without also a great deal of a trouble.

WORX WX429 400W 120mm Worxsaw XL Compact Circular Saw : It’s a great little saw – easy to hold, doesn’t snag or pull on the wrist at all, so the 400w of power is about right, really doesn’t need more. The parallel slider could do with being a bit more solid – sheet material keeps finding the gap. The bevel is great, though the depth of material is very reduced, but it works and i was able to easily get corners matching on skirting boards without gaps. Depth of cut is a bit hit or miss – the measurement isn’t very accurate, i could get it to cut partway through mdf easily though so the bottom of a box could be recessed into the sides. Only real issue is cutting deep material, the cut isn’t 90 degrees – i suspect the blade flexes slightly as the depth increases causing a slight angle to the cut. I will be picking up some other manufacturers blades to see it that improves it, but i don’t cut much material over 25mm, so not a huge problem for me. Other than that it’s great fun – get one.

Terrific item and very good assistance will use all over again.

Though i have only applied this so considerably for a smaller occupation, i favored the come to feel of it, it appeared constructive, slice quickly and was light-weight, building it straightforward to manoeuvre. Great addition to my software upper body. Situation superb, no need to have to wrap cables up tightly, lots of room and strong.

Exceptional fro those people rapid rough cuts in which precision isn’t​ the major problem.

Excellent saw, worth each individual penny and a considerably far better possibility than a entire size circular saw for most careers. . This has truly modified the way i slice sheet wood. I have earlier utilized a big circular saw which was unwieldy and inprecise, as well as a jigsaw which would lead to wonky strains, but i’ve just built a desk out of 24mm hardwood plywood and each and every angle and edge is flawlessly straight. The blades are simple to swap and it sits properly in the slash, remaining a great deal highly effective enough for most positions. Just let the saw do the get the job done. I tried pushing (forcing) it by way of some thicker wood and it slowed ideal down, but realised what i was performing and eased up on the ahead pressure, allowing the tool reduce its way via at its own velocity and it worked brilliantly. The vacuum attachment helps make a enormous big difference to the total of wood shavings that are spat out as effectively, so use it.

This is a amazing merchandise and excellent benefit. As an alternative of owning three ability equipment for a few distinctive positions you only need this just one.

I purchased this on a weekend even though installing an 18 mm plywood ground in our lavatory. This concerned cutting numerous sheets of 2. I do possess a larger sized circular saw but have by no means uncovered it accurate or effortless to use. 00 am on prime with free of charge similar working day shipping and it arrived by 4. 30 pm and i was utilizing it by five. The key charm of this saw is it is gentle and can properly be employed just one handed. It will come in its own circumstance with 3 diverse blades integrated. Also provided are an adapter to use a vacuum cleaner for dust extraction and an adjustable guideline/ bracket for chopping to a straight edge. The depth of cut is adjustable up to a optimum of forty two mm and there is a bevel adjustment as very well. Obviously this tool is not for reducing really thick timbers but at the greatest depth i was capable to lower flooring joists up to use for noggins. In short it is a joy to use, even incredibly thin slivers of 1 cm or considerably less can precisely and quickly be taken out. The only factors that triggered me not to give it 5 stars are the guidebook bracket is not quick to change ( the nut that secures it brings about to not sit straight) and the marking on the guidebook and the depth gauge could be manufactured much easier to browse, but these are very minor fault.

Have made use of it for wooden only so far and it worked properly and saved a lot of time and work.

Applied a few situations so far -additional blades a little bit. Applied a couple moments so significantly -more blades a bit pricey-does struggle on thick wood-but above all does the occupation.

For qualified operate you want seven-hundred w.

I have only employed this a couple of periods so significantly and it would seem incredibly uncomplicated to use. I intend to lower holes in the shed to healthy windows so that’ll be a rather fantastic test.

Superior depth of lower but blade as well skinny to steer clear of deflection.

Only utilized it at the time so significantly, but it did the position that i desired it to with relieve.

Incredibly handy resource- substantially handier than a whole measurement circular saw and considerably far better for rsi than sawing. The blade change could have been more noticeable, the fence allen screw need to be replaced with a thumbscrew and the protection lock out was a bit fiddly but general it helps make it straightforward to be a lot quicker and additional precise.

Excellent small saw functions wonders. Brought as a present for other 50 % and he enjoys it. Compensated for by itself about and about all over again.

A fantastic addition to anyones collection of power tools. Getting utilized a lot of energy equipment above the several years i have a tendency to stick to the normal trade brand names but for when, because of the functions, the primary one been the depth of lower, i made a decision to give this a check out and i was pleasantly surprisedfirstly, it tends to make a great alter for the case it arrives in to have ample space along with the blades and many others to get the lead again in with no ending up trying to tuck it in and lean on the lid whilst you fasten it so great marks for that. The directions are line drawings with a bit of a (tiny) text guidebook around the again of the booklet, but as standard could have been a little clearer re the spindle lock for modifying the blades but that was straightforward enough to figure out. At 2kg this is really light as opposed to the usual saws and feels uncomplicated in the hand, at 400watts it also does not ‘buck’ in the hand when you start off it so it need to not scare you to death with a terrific dollop of torque.That claimed it did make me marvel if it had adequate energy so analyzed it with the hss blade for a finer lower on a one particular inch piece of hardwood, taking it continuous, it reduce conveniently and cleanly. As normal the mark on the manual plate is a little bit wooley but a little bit of getting to know it better really should existing no issues. So no main problems so much, it is light-weight straightforward to manage, pretty tame but does the occupation. The motive for the four stars is the ‘dead mans’ swap. It is simplicity itself to use but the orange toggle you push before the main change on the take care of does feel flimsier than it should be, i know this is manufactured for the diy’er but it will continue to get some tough use and i surprise if this part will last. It is all very effectively offering a 3 12 months (constrained) warranty but actually- who needs to have to go as a result of the e mailing, packing and waiting around for it to be fixed and then despatched again?.

Outstanding provider and very fast amazon delivery. Outstanding services and quite quick amazon shipping and delivery. I used this to reduce tiles for a huge rest room — really easy to use.