Wolfcraft Drill Stand : A basic drill stand which suits my needs. There

A basic drill stand which suits my needs. There is a little play in the mechanism, which can be tweaked.

For the price this is a good product and sturdily made with a cast iron base. ‘wolfcraft’ also make a more professional stand for twice the price of this one.

Very sturdy, well engineered stand and reasonable price. Less sideways drift as found with other more expensive stands.

Good product and what i expected for the price. As some others commented – this is probably not the right tool for very accurate work. There is a lot of movement so you are not going to get millimetre accurate positioning. On the positive side: i found the base heavier and sturdier than i expected. I connected a pretty decent vice (also ordered through amazon) with no problem. The mechanism to lower the drill seems quite sturdy too. The ring to secure a drill is quite wide and just about fitted my drill without rubbing on the chuck. All in all what i needed at a good price, just don’t expect results you would get from a good bench drill.

  • Good drill stand at an attractive price
  • A decent investment but takes time to get used to it.
  • This is not a precision tool like, I suspect

Wolfcraft Drill Stand with Round Column

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For diy use this product offers good value for money. It has shortcomings eg a little play in the sliding mechanism, and some flex in the pillar when too much pressure is exerted. Most annoying though is the pillar slide mechanism itself which because it not geared can be fiddly to adjust the height when a heavy drill is inserted in the press. The depth gauge too was obviously designed by accountants. All of this said, take time to set it up, do not apply too much pressure when drilling and do a few test pieces to get used to its idiosyncrasies and you will wonder why you struggled without it for so long.

Bought this after purchasing several others all of which were rubbish & took them back for a refund. This wolfcraft drill stand is different class and cheaper than the ones i returned, it is solid & accurateand would recommend to look no further.

This is not a precision tool like, i suspect, most others of the same design. It replaced an old black & decker stand which had the same problem, namely, some lateral movement in the column. Allowing for this, it held the drill vertically, had a useful depth gauge, and produced acceptable results in wood.

Movement on column but can live with it apart from that good and did the job.

Well made, just the job for the intended purpose.

For the price, did what i expected, well worth it.