Trend SNAP/ASA/2 Mark-2 Shank 1/4 Hex Trend Snappy Angle Screwdriver Attachment, Great alternative to angle drill

Haven’t used it much, very much a niche item that you need rarely but when you do it’s invaluable. Very high quality parts and solid build quality. There’s a small plastic handle that screws in to the left or right side of the head (after you remove the black screws currently there) which honestly i’m not even sure what it is for. The locking collar holds the bits firmly, but shorter head bits can be fiddly to remove if you are a tradesman doing it a lot or especially with gloves. Might be best to stick to the 50mm bits in those cases if you have the room.

Brilliantly engineered piece of kit. You can feel the quality as soon as you pick it up. Has already paid for itself and is a pleasure to work with.

Made a shelving unit but design made access to some screws almost impossible, this solved the probelm. Very easy to use either with power driver or using a screwdriver handle. Very well built (but you’d expect that from the name and the price).

Comments from buyers

“Solid build quality and sturdy. Locking collar is solid, might be best to use 50mm bits though., If you are looking for something to give you access in really small spaces, look no further than this., so thought I’d give this one a try and was not disappointed. So much easier to use and you know “

I researched several variations on the theme of right-angle drivers and narrowed it to milwaukee electric’s quick-change unit (48-22-8910) and the trend snap asa2. Both are well made from reputable brands and can handle high torque at reasonable speeds. Trend has two key advantages: first, it is slightly cheaper; second, it’s ‘catch’ holds bits more firmly in place. As a bonus, it’s slightly fatter rubber-coated handle is easier to hold in odd places, though i miss milwaukee’s adjustable arm. I’ve used it recently both to drive screws and to drill holes (using hex-shank drill bits), and had problems with neither. If you have a drill/driver, especially a quick-change 1/4′ hex one, it’s a must have. It’s smaller, cheaper and easier to carry than a separate cordless angle drill and works just as well.

Had this for a few months now, very useful tool. I use this trend tool all day everyday at work and it is still going strong. Owes me nothing and has made my job easier.

Has a solid feel to the build. Everything spins really easily. I brought this to drive in some 50mm screws to hold some cross-bracing to some floor joists within a 120mm gap. Given it was hard to even see where the screw, wood and joist were the trend worked a treat. I used an 18v driver and the trend delivered exactly what the drill turned out. What i really needed was a 3rd arm to hold either, the trend, drill or screw.

Tried one of those cheap small little adapters, rubbish and just binned ithave used trend/snappy products before, so thought i’d give this one a try and was not disappointed. So much easier to use and you know you have a good product that should last for years as soon as you use this for the first time.

Very happy with purchase and fast delivery.

Nice quality, but does not include the input quick release shown.

Worked very well good for tight spaces.

Been having a look around and after reading lots of other reviews and looking at lots of sites decided to buy this r angled driver. It arrived promptly and straight away the build quality was obvious. Its first job was driving 100mm large gauge retaining screws to hold a toilet cistern in place. Very cramped working space and driving into masonry and the tool did it easily. Made a nuisance job easy and quick. All in all a robust, well made and easy to use tool that will get lots of use in the future i have no doubt. Would reccomend it without hesitation.

Takes a wee while to get used to as you need to hold your drill / driver in one hand and then apply pressure on the attachment head to engage the screw and drive home but is very effective for screwing in ackward places. Expensive piece of kit if you only have a few screws to complete your work.