Tacwise 71 Staple : absolutly amazing value for my money

Excellent machine for upholstery.

Not the cheapest but a pleasure to use. If you have any amount of stapling work to do then i recommend one of these. Well made, metal construction but not too heavy to use all day. Comes with tacwise staples but other cheaper brands are also available as it uses a standard size.

On time fantastic deal for product saved loads if compared to by separately.

The first staple gun started leaking air the second day i used it. Fortunately amazon quickly sent me a replacement (unfortunately they also sent all the staples – but i had brought the old gun to the post office, so i just swapped them out and sent it back in exchange). So far, the new gun has been great.

  • Top bit of kit, Tacwise UK customer service indifferent.
  • If you have any amount of stapling work to do then I recommend one of these.
  • On time fantastic deal for product saved loads if compared to by

Tacwise 71 Staple. Upholstery Tacker. Re-Upholstery. 71/10mm (6 boxes) + Professional Staple Gun

  • Great Value bundle including a professional Air Tacker and 6 boxes of pro upholstery staples
  • The 71 staple is the common staple used by professionals when covering new furniture with fabric and also in reupholstery
  • Tacwise is the one of the largest suppliers of quality staples and nails
  • 71 staples are also available in stainless steel (4mm, 6mm and 10mm) for anti corrosion (external applications)
  • Tacwise 71 staples are also available in black colour to make them less visible

This product is was sale when i bought it and is usually triple the price. The gun is relay good and sturdy and the tacks were virtually free so unbeleivable.

This stapler cost me £40 in the recent warehouse promotion and i am staggered at the quality and the number of staples included for the price paid. It is a powerful and very effective tool but beware as there is no safety provision; the nose is fixed and the trigger is ‘live’ once the airline is connected. As this is a package deal the tool comes without a case. I phoned tacwise uk asking if it was possible to purchase a case and charming lady promised to phone back but as yet nothing heard. I hope i do not have to rely on any support for the stapler as their customer service would appear to lack the service bit in the title.

Good value bundle for the price, very useful to have.

Tacwise do tools and staples that are well thought out but the prices are very reasonable as well. I get through a lot of upholstery staples and have a variety of tools and these 71’s come in at a great price particularly on this deal . These staples are also available in stainless steel which i use for a lot of the marine contracts i have as last for years with no sign of corrosion on boat trim ect. There are a lot of cheap air tackers on the market which should be avoided. This is a good one and mine has served me very well for a couple of years now which no complaints at all.

These bundles are an absolute winner. No idea how amazon can do em at this price. We get through a huge amount of these 71 staples and the saving over a year will be considerable.

I had some trouble with the staples not moving free in the track, but after using a multitool to file out some of the track it now works fine.

Managed to re-upholster 6 dining room chairs with inset binding and this staple gun made it so easy. Plenty of staples left (120,000 in the pack) so am looking round to see what else i can use it for.