SKIL 1215AC Belt sander, When it worked it did a good job but after sales care I am still working

Well pleased good kit for the d.

I had a cheap lidl sander before this one. The lidl sander fell apart while i was sanding a floor and having read the reviews of the skill sander i decided to take a chance. The sander is much more robust has an easy belt change and , most importantly for me, has an excellent vacuum cleaner extraction attachment. The skil 1215 completed the floor without any problem. Tip: buy some additional belts at the same time, you only get one with the sander. I bought two packs of silverline 862553 and they are excellent in both value and quality.

Did a 20 sq metre room with this little beauty. Hard work on the knees and back but the result was well worth it. Make sure you get lots of sanding belts and mask / googles are essential.

Key specs for Skil 1215AC Belt sander with dust collector, vacuum attachment and sanding frame (650W, 76x457mm, automatic belt centering, Accessories: Sanding belt):

  • 650W Belt Sander with an equalizer sanding frame (Skil Patent)
  • Automatic Belt Control
  • Easy ‘Clic’ belt change
  • Comes with vacuum cleaner adaptor, equalizer sanding frame, 1 sanding belt, dustfilter box
  • Skil 2 year warranty

Comments from buyers

“Excellent for the price, A good belt sander for a reasonable price., excellent sander. did a 20 sq metre room with “

I bought this to sand down biscuit jointed ash and mahogany panels. It worked straight out the box, after fitting the the easy to attach guide plate. This sander seems overall, pretty solidly made. The dust collection box, doesn’t seem as good a quality as the rest of the machine, but it seem okay and works fine. This sander is supplied with one coarse graded sanding belt, this achieved a relatively good finish; but, as you would expect, required further sanding with finer graded sandpaper to get the desired finish. A selection for different graded sanding belts would have been nice, to try a little experimentation, as this is the first belt sander i have had (i wish i’d bought one sooner), but not a major consideration. Overall, a good machine for quite a reasonable price. I would recommend this to any keen diy user or light joinery hobbyist, such as myself (but back in history, a wood machinist).

Perfect piece of equipment for the diy enthusiast.

Very ergonomically designed and fantastic value. I’m using it to replace a ferm sander that was side mounted on my workbench. It’s not that easy to fix on its side owing to the fact that all surfaces are profiled. Brilliant when used as intended, though.

After using a couple of times a sand belt chewed up and got stuck in the drive roller causing the rubber grip on roller to split. Once i managed to untangle the belt and try using again because the rubber gripper is half missing it doesn’t grip the sand belts and drive round. I am trying to either source a new part or return the sander which is were the problems start trying to contact any one or trace the exact spare part. When it worked it did a good job but after sales care i am still working on.

Easy to use does the job value for money.

Very nice piece of kit at a reasonable price. I had it sent to greece but, unfortunately, amazon wouldn’t send the spare sanding belts here.

I’ve had this a while now and used it quite a bit and not managed to break it yet so it must be good. It is the best small belt sander i’ve ever had and the guide plate is a brilliant idea which i’m sure has averted many bad words.

Belt changeout very simple and straightforward. Well built and excellent piece of kit for the serious diyer. Good price from a very good vendor.

Seems very good for the price,should do all i want as i have a heavy duty 4 inch as well.

My old monster ryobi finally gave up so i downsized to this one which does the job as well, without the variable speed. The dust collector works better than the old cloth bag and the belt tracks well. It would have been worth the fifth star if it was also designed to be used upside down as a bench sander.

Excellent machine, light weight, good dust collection easy to use, purchased to replace a much older and very much heavier sander.

Comes with a rough belt for sanding down the most obstinate varnished table brilliant purchase. Just ordered some more sanding belts.

Item as described and prompt delivery.

A top class machine for silly cheap money, it sands flat and its self aligning belt system saves lots of hassle, it is also light to hold when using it side wards. I use this mainly on oak in my barn conversion making kitchen units, this is not my only belt sander but it is my favorite.

Delivered on time, a good sander. I am looking forward to finally doing all my wood work.

Excellent product, good and compact but manly enough for serious work.

I have brought this for a few projects in the shed and i love it, i wished id got this first, best sander i have, easy to change the cheap belts, and i cleans wood up in no time, the only down side is that it gets choked up easy, but i think that’s a problem with all the small belt sanders. Would buy another without a second thought.

I don’t give it heavy use but so far so good. As good as some i have spent considerably more on.

Cant moan at this price, so far im impressed.

Excellent product for price. A plastic carry case would have been nice though. Have many skill tools and they work very well.