Silverline 633838 Soldering Iron – Five Stars

I like the angled head – it makes close up work a lot easier. Is also very efficient and has quick heat-up.

Excellent soldering iron for the money, gets hot quickly, and doesn’t rattle or move like some i’ve had. Comes standard with its own little stand, and plug is fitted too.

Bought this for heavier soldering jobs which it has performed very well. It is best used with a solderig stand to keep the tip from oxidising.

  • Solder on
  • Excellent
  • Handy replacement

The soldering iron is rather clumsy for small work though works well and was delivered promptly. For most electronic type jobs the tip and also the tips sold separately for it are too large so now i have to buy another iron.

Features of Silverline 633838 Soldering Iron, 60 W

  • For electrical and automotive soldering
  • Ideal for use on high current cables and decorative work
  • Temperature range 480 – 520 degree celsius
  • Includes angled chisel tip
  • Certified to BS EN 60335-2-45

Great product you won’t get better for the price.

Use it regularly for soldering and other uses, (fret heating on a guitar etc. ) if you need a quality iron at a competitive price, then this is for you.

Heats up quickly and works well. A straight tip would probably have been more practical.

Good for the price and quite powerful. But the tips degrade and lose their coating quickly. Luckily spare bits are cheap.

The iron works well, this is my third iron it seems the element keep burnig out but hai for that price i would not mourn about it.

Haven’t used it yet, but i’m sure it wil be fine.

Cheap iron, working ok at the moment, has cheap iron clad tip solid copper is far superior. My other iron is a weller and has a cable clamp in the handle to stop the power cable from twisting when in use, i have to say the weller iron is better quality than the silverline iron.

My old one conked out after many years. Don’t use an iron very often but when you need it then there it is. Only used this twice but works just fine.

Having bought several soldering irons found this one to be excellent , price wise, heats up fast and is easy to use,as its not too bulky. I wish had got this one first for some of the brass kits i have worked on ,i would suggest getting the extras bits as well, as the angled bit not always suitable for all jobs,( on my list to get).

One thought on “Silverline 633838 Soldering Iron – Five Stars

  1. Due to the intense heat, the nozzle that holds the tip will be loose in a few weeks of use.
    1. Due to the intense heat, the nozzle that holds the tip will be loose in a few weeks of use.

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