Silverline 238104 Jointer Plane No – fantastic plane

A xmas gift – my son is building his own guitar.

This is my first jointer plane and i love it. I read a few articles about how to fettle you’re new planes and sharpen them, but the plane base was already fairly flat so took no more thanfifteen to twenty minutes before i had it back together and trying it out. It’s a ggod weight and easy to use. I do have to say silverline are realyon form with this tool and at the price i think there may be a few more of their tools in my kit as and when they need replacing.

At the price (£17) i was somewhat dubiuos as to how godd this would be especially when you compare it to the price of the ‘record’ or ‘stanley’ equivalents. Once the blade is honed and set up it has given unexpectedly good results. It is a heavy bit of kit anyway with very comfortable and well made rosewood handles. At the price, especially as a busy diy’er it has been great, but i seriously doubt if any professional would be seen dead with this. It is basic, not fussy but effective for squaring up rough timber. Here are the specifications for the Silverline 238104 Jointer Plane No:

  • Cast iron body with rosewood handles
  • Brass adjusting screw
  • Heavy duty 3 mm blade
  • Blade width 60 mm
  • Suitable for woodworking and general DIY use

Seems like a good product, strudy and heave and solid. . This is my first planer and i am no expert. I have found the blade hard to sharpen (i have used with and without a honing guide and 4 wet-stones ranging 300 through to 8000 grit) and am yet to get a good enough blade on it for purpose. I dont really blame the manufacturer though. It is really hard to sharpen things to a razors edge (at least for me).

For the price its good but heavy. Then i had to do a lot of sanding of the base to level it, but iv done that with all my planes so.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • This is my first jointer plane and I love it. I read a few articles about how
  • Robust and heavy
  • fantastic plane

Good product, good price, speedy delivery.

Fantastici should start by saying that i have no other planes of this size, only a stanley number 4, and so i have no point of comparison. But venture to say that the quality price ratio is the best in the world. Is very solid, the structure is very stable, accurate and smooth. Metal of very good quality, the handles are nothing out of this world, but so far seems solid and able to last for many years without problems. The blade is equivalent to or better than stanley the adjustment screw works nicely. For those who want a planer to do the job well and dispense small details of construction is the best choice.

I have tested the sole for flat and it was super flat with no need to do any work on it.

Very good at the price vehicles accurately made.

This item arrived in a box from amazon that could have fitted about 3 of these planes. The actual plane was sealed in a plastic bag within another box and coated with some sort of protection on the milled surfaces. The main problem with this plane is that the sole is not flat, there is about a. 75mm gap between the front and the back of the sole. I was sort of expecting this due to reading some previous buyer reviews on this plane which were done a few years ago, i bought it figuring that the manufacturer would have sorted out this issue in that time frame, obviously not. Not a real big issue for me as i have the tools and corrected it, but for someone who doesn’t, it would be a big problem, can’t understand why the manufacturer doesn’t fix this issue as overall it isn’t too bad a plane. I mean if they are going to mill this plane then they should ensure it is flat, can’t be that hard an issue to solve it, unless the curve developed after they milled it due to internal stresses or else they sand down the edges and not mill it, either way it detracts from getting 5 stars instead of the 3 that i gave and missing out on a good review which would result in more sales. Haven’t sharpened up the blade yet but don’t anticipate any problems doing so, out of the box it did shave some hard timber (merbau) but honing the blade will greatly improve it’s cutting action. I can’t say if the steel blade will keep it’s edge for any length of time but i do have some hss to make a new one if neccessary or else i should be able to get a brand name blade to fit, as it looks like most of these planes are copies of some brand name plane. The handles are nice and i don’t see any issues with them.

Read all the reviews before buying and decided to try it. . For the price its ok but you may need to spend a lot of time tuning it. The base was concave by nearly a millimeter on mine. The blade needs flattening before sharpening but takes a reasonable edge.

2mm blade not 3mm, wonky capping iron lever and strange chroming on a strip between cap lever and chip breaker came off. But at that price who cares, i’m planing flat not machining.