Silverline 100036 Heavy Duty Glue Gun 230V 28W – Good but cant always use all the glue unless i

Great product, exactly as expected.

We use these for sealing packed boxes. It’s left on all day (about 10 hours) and is the best we’ve come across. We’ve tried tacwise, stanley and a few others but these are great. Initially they lasted about a month before breaking but given our use we were happy with this compared with an industrial one costing £300+ that would last maybe 6 months. We have about 15-20 stacked in a box all useless until one day one of my managers decided to look deeper and they all had the same fault, a very thin metal rod inside attached to the trigger and a spring had snapped or in a few cases the small spring itself snapped. So he purchased a pack of silverline springs from amazon costing about £4 (silverline 456970) to replace all the springs and replaced the thin metal broken bits with some large staples we had lying around. Now they all work great and last about 3 months before the spring gives out. For diy use i reckon this would last a good few years but for industrial use (which this is not designed for) with a few tweaks is worth the money. By the way, the tacwise 207 (supposedly heavy duty) we paid 4 times more for died after 4 days.This also has the advantage of a power off switch built in.

Good but cant always use all the glue unless i push it out with a pencil which is tricky. Here are the specifications for the Silverline 100036 Heavy Duty Glue Gun 230V 28W:

  • Applies a bead of molten glue for light joining jobs
  • For ceramics, glass, metals, wood, plastic, fabric & card
  • Integral foldaway stand
  • For heavier duty applications
  • Includes 2 glue sticks & compatible with Silverline 698462 (pack of 50)

I like the glue gun but i’m not sure if i’ve just been unlucky but i’m on my second replacement. The first two seemed to leak badly and i was wasting lots of glue sticks. I have used the last replacement for two days now and it seems fine. Hopefully i will have no further problems with it. I must say that i am very happy with the service that i have received and the speed in which they were replaced.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • While perhaps not the best quality, I’ve had absolutely no qualms about using
  • nice heavy duty gunb but beware – glue is so hot it burns
  • Silverline 100036 Heavy Duty Glue Gun

I bought this on the 25 feb 2014: and it has finally given up the ghost, after over 2 years of daily use – and it only died because i accidentally left it on for five hourswhile perhaps not the best quality, i’ve had absolutely no qualms about using it on an almost daily basis. It’s bulky, sturdy and robust enough to kick around in your tool drawer without taking damage – but light enough to use for extended periods of time without issue. If you’re on a tight budget, i’d certainly advise this – it will last a long time, and may last even longer than that if you don’t leave it powered on for five hours ;).

Yes, this is a good glue gun for those bigger type diy jobs and ive used it to successfully hold up larger xmas lightsand deco’s. There are 3 considerations with this gun – finding 200mm sticks rather than 100mm, always at the time you need it – not enough glue left. The glue is extremely hot getting burns by not wearing leather gloves will happen, lastly the plunger that delivers the next stick into the barrel can be a mismash (i have two of these, one is very reliable and there’s no messing, but the others chamber isnt aligned so youre constantly having to fiddle with it) very annoying indeed. On the whole though, it is very good.