Sealey SM1302 Variable Speed Scroll Saw 406mm Throat 230V – Good for the price

Variable speed scroll saw sm1302this is an ok product which works well for general purposes, but is not good for detailed work because it will not accept plain end blades. It also will not accept a conversion kit to allow use of plain end blades, which is frustrating. I should have ensured that this could be done before buying which i did in a hurry. If anyone knows of a conversion kit for it, please let me know. I add a note –i believe this saw can use plain end blades–as advised by another reviewer, sean. If this is the case then i would upgrade my review to 5 star. (i will try it with plain end blades myself).

Yes fine , blade changes quickly, just had to extend the air piping.

Very good entry level machine, key benifits for me are, quick release tensioning, it takes pin-less blades and has variable speeds.

  • Very nice and awesome customer service!
  • I bought this scroll saw on the belief you can
  • ok for jigsaws

The instructions for changing the blade seemed excessively complicated (and the literature it came with was poorly written overall), but i managed it no problem.

I bought this item some time ago. Having never had a scroll saw before, this one was not very expensive. I have used it many times now and it still works like a charm. It takes pinless blades or ones with pins which makes it really easy to find blades for. All in all, i am one happy customer and i don’t think i need another scroll saw even though i have more experience now.

The item delivered quickly, but i was surprised that the motor is very weak, it can’t be 120w in any way, when i turn the rotation speed below the half the saw stops completely , although the minimum speed should be 400, any way i don’t need a high speed for cutting, so it is fair, and good value for money.

I bought this scroll saw on the belief you can use both pinned and pinless blades. This is not the case, on contacting sealey they confirmed the machine only uses pinned blades. As i had already set the scroll saw up and tested it , i haven’t the heart to return it as it has now been used.

Received saw in good condition and delivered as quoted have not had time to use unit , i am only a beginner, disappointed that it was delivered with one blade bought blades elsewere.

I’m not a expert woodworker but this is good for the price and will do the small jobs i need. The air blower pipe is too short and you have to provide your own small hose to connect the blower to the metal air tube. This is not a major problem but for the sake of a few pennies should be included with the saw.

I have only had this for a couple of weeks now but it runs well and i am impressed with it so far. Time will tell if it lives up to expectations.

I bought the sealey scroll saw as funds were limited and there were a number of craft items i wanted to make that required a scroll saw. I’ve used this little saw for a number of projects over the past several weeks and it has performed brilliantly using softwood up to 1 1/2 inches thick and hardwoods, oak, up to an inch thick. It takes both pinned and pinless blades without the need for buying adaptors, with pinless blades only taking a few seconds to change. Blade tension which is very important is adjusted by rotating the lever at the back clockwise or anti-clockwise, pushing the lever down locks the tension. The variable speed is a must with noise and vibration is quite low at all but the highest speed setting, at around three quarter speed i can happily work and still hear the radio with out having that turned up. My saw isn’t bolted down but it is sat on a heavy wood bench. I only used the dust extraction port once and it worked very well, but as my workshop vac is quite loud i’ve tended not to use it cleaning up when necessary. Don’t be to fooled by the blower, when you first switch the machine on there isn’t a jet of air being blasted out, it’s very gentle but aimed correctly will clear all the fine dust so you can see your cutting pattern, granted the flexible hose could do with being an inch or so longer. I found there was a slight burr around the alloy table edge which was quickly removed with some fine wet and dry, but the table itself is solid with no movement whilst working. I had intended to try and polish the top but i’ve been having to much fun using the saw. I replaced the plastic insert plate which i found flexed too much, a new plate was made using 3mm ply with a 6mm piece glued underneath. Use the supplied plastic plate as a template if it’s something you want to try, but it made a big difference when cutting. If you’re looking to buy your first scroll saw like myself, i don’t think you can go wrong with the sealey. If i’m able to post images later on i’ll be happy to do so.

I should have purchased band saw instead as this is not up to anything above some thin pieces of ply, maybe great for jigsaws but not a lot else. Purchased a small band saw since and it great.

The top arm started to rub against the shroud after a couple of hours use causing some vibration and noise but i was able to bend the shroud away enough for some clearance and haven’t had the problem since. The articulated blowing pipe is useless as it’s 2-3 joints too short and the blowing power is quite weak anyway. The unit did come with a brass tube as an alternative blower to fit into the foot adjuster bar but no rubber tube to use with it. I contacted sealey to see if they could send me the tube and plastic nozzle from a similar model (sm43) and they sent me them free of charge. I had to play about to get it to fit on as its not the same shape as the one that is attached to the unit by default but it was well worth it. Unit takes pinned and unpinned blades. Changing a pinned blade takes a few seconds due to the clamping system. Un-clamping an unpinned blade, changing holes on the work-piece and re-clamping it takes approx 20secs which suits me. Its not the most powerful machine ever (slowing down on medium pressure cutting 1inch pine) but very capable for my light diy/craft needs.