Ryobi EMS180RV Multi Sander : Ideal for small quick projects

Brilliant has a speed control so can make sanding quicker or more controlled and the dust extraction works brilliantly.

Great piece of equipment for the job impressed and the price wow. Recommended: great equipment and does the job excellent- first class.

Great for the price but the grip at the tip on the detailed fold out sander and main delta sander tip has disintegrated. The dust collector could be improved. Other than that great tool for the price.

  • Excellent device, covers most bases.
  • Good sander. Replacement papers very limited.
  • a great little sander , with 1 niggle

Ryobi EMS180RV Multi Sander with 3-in-1 Functionality, 180 W

  • DustTech integrated dust technology system for maximum pick-up efficiency
  • 3 unique operational base options (Delta, 1/3 sheet and finger)
  • Unique Integrated Finger to access hard to reach places
  • Triangular pad design for sanding up to the edge in tigh corners
  • 1/3 Sheet option to sand large areas quickly (use either hook and loop or standard paper in clamp)

The reason this doesn’t get 5 stars is because it has poor shock absorbtion. Having used it a fair bit i can say it’s pretty decent for the price. But, using anything more than 5 minutes will leave your hand/thumb feeling like jelly. It has a power setting wheel so you can bump up to 6 for high rpm on larger areas and down lower for more delicate touches. All in all decent for smaller projects but would recommend paying a bit more for a better one if going to use long term or as part of your daily job.

Very pleased with this product and have been able to do various tasks from easy to difficult. One thing that i have found an inconvenience and that is holding the sander over a period of time. Not equipment for those with small hands or lack strength in hand and arm. Coming with case/bag is an extra touch.

This sander collects all the dust and osgood to use.

Very handy for diy around the house.

Update 6th june 2013i really liked this sander but it became increasingly noisy and then it failed. So once again i’m back to bosch (psm 160a) bosch psm 160 a multi-sander. Original reviewi normally buy bosch power tools so when my bosch delta sander died during a project, i set out to buy a replacement bosch multi-sander and came back with a ryobi. I have to say, that it’s more versatile than a bosch : here’s why:* it has variable speed from 6,000 to 12,000 rpm that automatically maintains speed to suit pressure on the sander;* it comes with a rectangular sole plate that can be used in place of the triangular sole plate;* the rectangular sole plate will take loop and hook sanding sheets or normal 1/3 sanding sheets;* there is an integral fingerpad, albeit small and fairly thick (the bosch optional attachment is better). In use, there is minimal vibration (for a sander). It is noisy on the higher speeds but no more so than most sanders. There is dust collection but inevitably some fine dust will collect on the body of the sander. This may be due to the dust extraction holes being in the centre of the sole plate with none in the front and rear (the bosch arrangement is better in my opinion). I have quite large hands so the width of the hand grip may be a little wide for some people (the bosch hand grips tend to be narrower). The instructions are explanatory and an exemplar for other appliance and power tool manufacturers.

Good quality as expected worked well great for those jobs around the house.

Great littles sander, well worth the money.

Bought this multil sander as we had quite a few jobs – sanding doors, skirting boards and the bannister and newels. I’ve been sing it for 2 full days now and have to save i’m very impressed. It is quite powerful, much more so than the black and decker palm sander i started with. The detail part is also very handy to get to those hard to reach places and is sturdily built. The dust capture is also quite good, but doesn’t always get all of it. The only minor down side is the air vents, so when you are moving it around you can get a face full of air (and sometimes dust).

Did my hallway and stairs with this sander , completed the task with little fuss it did exactly what i wanted it to do , the only little niggle is the “finger ” the velcro didn’t seem to hold the paper after a while , i cleaned the velcro as instructed but it didn’t do anything , and when not using the finger the air from the sander ripped the paper off the finger, but the weight of it and using it 1 handed is fine , just a shame about the finger.

I used this sander on oak windows and doors and the both main sander fittings (the iron shaped one and the rectangular one) worked flawlessly. I do not think the flip down finger piece is really up to the job – the foam on it became broken very quickly so the sanding paper would not stick. So probably best to get the unit that does not have this flip down finger sander and save some money. The only issue is that replacement sanding sheets only seem to come from the manufacturer (i’ve not found them anywhere else under a generic brand). And the only kits available are a full range of all grades and sizes (iron, rectangle and finger). I only needed the coarsest two paper grades, so there was huge waste in having to buy all the grades and sizes.

Excellent product, best sander i have used.

Using for house renovating, mainly to sand walls that have been filled after removing decorative frames and correcting smaller areas of plaster repair. This has replaced a smaller sander with no dust collector, which left the whole downstairs covered in a sheet of dust after sanding back some filler, and prompted the purchasethe device itself is quite heavy and doesn’t lend itself very well to one handed sanding. This was the only adjustment required compared to my old sander. The wide shape at the top means it’s difficult to get a firm grip and the unit isn’t excessive in weight but it is a solid lump. If you want to quickly glide over with 1 hand (as i could with my old unit) you’d be best off with a smaller one. That said, it’s not impossible but it’s much easier to use with a 2nd hand to guide the machine along. Dust collection is excellent. Collects even the finest of powder from sanding filler. My only criticism is the dust box is a little annoying to remove.