Ryobi BIW180M ONE : Well made and great value

0 battery and must say time very impressed with it. The nuts on my van are usually very stubborn however this removed them effortlessly i havnt tried it with the smaller batteries tho so can’t comment on the performance highly recommended.

This is a fantastic bit of kit. Its well made and so far i haven’t found anything it wont do – that includes driving meter long screw ground anchorsthe only thing it would have been nice to have is a toque setting so you don’t overdo it but that’s a minor point really.

Ryobi BIW180M ONE+ Impact Wrench, 18 V (Body Only)

  • Up to 265Nm torque (Max) for heavy duty bolt/nut driving
  • Variable trigger speed for ultimate control
  • Keyless 1/2″ drive
  • Impact mechanism designed to drive long screws and lag bolts
  • LED light for working in dimly lit areas

Works well on lots of stuff but anything really tight will thwart it. I use it mainly to spin up and down long thread items wheels nuts etc. The battery also fit my drill and lawn strummer so it influenced my decision.

I had a problem getting the wheel off my car when it broke down, i called the rac and the chap turned up with an impact wrench and the wheel was off in no time, so i just had to have one. Naturally i chose a ryobi, i know their equipment and as always they are reliable and priced well. Its brilliant and does just what i wanted.

Bought this tool a month ago. I used it every day on cars. It can handle most of the screws. Even the drive shafts nuts were undone with ease and those are very tight. I use it with a 4 amh battery and it lasts 2 full days. I can’t say anything bad about this item. You just have to bear in mind that this item offers exactly what you pay for , even more.

Ryobi BIW180M ONE+ Impact Wrench, 18 V (Body Only) : Never had any problems with it.

I have just about all the ryobi 18v power tools , so i decided i had to have this in case i get a puncture.

I was somewhat skeptical when i ordered the tool if it would cut the mustard as ryobi are a cheaper chinese made product. However i have been very impressed. This makes fetching wheel nuts and other rusty bolts off much easier. It hasn’t had enough grunt to get every nut or bolt. But an electric impact with enough grunt to do that would cost far more than this. The batteries being sold separately is a plus as well. If your a home mechanic/diy’er i recommend this.

Use it every day at work really good.

I was shopping around for ages before getting this. I kept coming back to ryobi, despite verbal reputation from non ryobi owners pointing me at crazy priced equivalents. So glad i didnt listen to them. Great impact driver and saved me tons of time swapping a full suspension kit on my a4 avant (no simple task).

He is well impressed with it.

Not good for the tightest of bolts but for simple tasks this is great.

This tool is solid and reliable. It comes bare so needs a one+ battery pack to use making it expensive. However, if you have an existing one+ battery system it is a good addition. In use, the power available is good, but not excellent. I tried it on the wheel nuts on my car to test its capabilities. It could remove a nut that had been tightened with a normal length car nut wrench as supplied by most manufacturers if it had been tightened by hand as tight as possible. I tightened the nut up again using the impact wrench and found that removing it by hand was easier than expected. The impact wrench doesn’t do the nuts up as tightly as i can do by hand with as much force as i could exert by hand. I also tested it by tightening the nuts by standing on the supplied wrench. The one+ tool couldn’t undo nuts done up this way.

What can i say about this ryobi impact wrench. It is perfect, i bought the impact driver at first which just wasn’t up to the jobs it says it can do, which for , me is car maintenance, so i returned it and spent a bit more money and got the wrench. I can’t speak highly enough of it. I would totally recommend to anyone who is a diy mechanic, the converter makes it a great impact driver.

Love this impact wrench, compact and powerful. Makes dealing with car suspension and exhausts on you’re driveway a breeze. Highly recommended to anyone looking for an electric impact wrench. Only issue is getting hold of the high capacity batteries, which are a pretty penny. Got a combo deal from b&q for those.

Another great product from ryobi. I got this to go with my 18v plus one collection of tools; it has a great quality feel due to the soft feel grip, sturdy weight and good construction, and has proven to be very durable both in my work place, at home and in the workshop. Be aware it is not the lightest of power tools but does the job very well. My only comment for improvement would be to be able to adjust the torque, but other than that well worth the money.

Very handy, saves having to plug in the compressor, find ear muffs etc. Definitely not as powerful as my air-driven sip one, this struggles to get wheel nuts off, but for ease-of-use, there’s no comparison. I won’t be selling the compressor or sip gun though.

Feels good and sturdy and haven’t had a bolt that it could not undo. Price is good but wish it came with a battery.

For what it cost i’m very impressed, don’t expect snapon quality but certainly worth what it costs.

Undoes the wheel nuts on my land rover discovery and ifor williams trailer. Excellent bit of kit, as good as a pro air wrench, but without the pipe. Better than a far king spanner. And you won’t get bowl axed doing tyre rotation.

Purchased for working on old cars at home with rusted bolts and years of crud holding them in, and it does the job well. Not as powerful as my mates snap-on, but at 1/4 of the price, i didn’t expect it to be. My only slight issue with it is it does eat through battery’s very quickly. 4ah li-ion battery’s – i think they are the biggest ryobi do – and i can easily eat through three in an evening of working on the car. But given the power they produce, i suppose this is to be expected. Update: others seem to have left some very harsh reviews about the power of it. I have found it to be adequate for all the jobs i have used it for. I think you need to be realistic – its less than £100, it will not out perform a £900 snap-on gun or a £500 ingersoll rand air gun, but would you expect it to for £100?. I always crack off wheel nuts before i jack a car up, give it a chance. But it really excels at ‘shocking’ corroded nuts and bolts loose which would likely round off using brute force and sockets and/or spanners. In summary, it is very good when applied sensibly, but (obviously in my opinion) does not outperform tools which are five plus times more expensive.