Metabo SXE450 240V Orbit Sander : a very good sander but could’ve had a bit stronger motor

Excellant tool at a competitive price.

I was a bit silly and sanded a whole floor with it. It worked great, thank goodness for the turbo boost and the wider orbit setting, both are great. The only 2 downers are:no indicator that you are in one or the other of the different oscillation settings, it’s a bit difficult to tell. I would recommend fitting a vacuum to the back as the dust filter gets full quickly as is not really that great. The engineering is epic i had this on for 3 days at 8 hours a day solid, while i watched my vacuum fail attached to the back overheat and fail.

A very good sander but could’ve had a bit stronger motor. Festool ets rated at 400watts is significantly stronger and won’t slow down significantly even with putting much of my weight downward on it- metabo will. 2mm orbit which feels quite substantially weaker. 5mm ets will also remove material at about 15% faster rate than the metabo at 6. 2 orbit and will generally give a bit better finish, comparable to the metabo at 3. Of course festool costs almost twice of what metabo does.

I bought this sander initially to sand down some 18in x 18in 30ft oak beams that i had procured to create a border to my driveway, a job i wasnt looking forward to based on the amount of time i had estimated it would take based on a test run with my old sander. I initially got to work with a 20 year old black and decker that was handed down to me by the old man and has been used heavily over the years making light work of most jobs albeit with the trade off of the discomfort when using it. It was clear that it i was in for a long haul so thought i should take a gamble and try a new sander. Based on the reviews here and elsewhere i bought this one, figuring if anything that was in my price range was going to be worthwhile trying, this would be it. The combination of power, ergonomics and ease of use took care of a laborious job faster and made it a heck of a lot more comfortable. The soft start action is a pleasure to use and takes the strain from your arms and wrists when controlling the initial inertia, the power quickly ramps up and it starts to take care of business. The design and shape make this very comfortable to use and at half the weight of the retired b&d, with what seems to be at least twice the effectiveness i really enjoyed getting the job done. It has two oscillation settings for coarse or fine removal and now having used both, they are perfect for taking off paint, smoothing out very rough pieces through to taking the top off fine furniture for restaining and for sanding between coats of new finishes. The vibration is minimal, even at full power giving the double edged sword of not just being more effective (the energy is transferred to the disk rather than your body) but also reducing your own tiredness when using it and hence getting more work done in the same amount of time. The filter is pretty good at its job and pretty much negates the need to connect the vac for smaller jobs, for larger jobs however i would still recommend hooking up your diy vacuum cleaner. The only downside so far though is that i left the filter outside after cleaning and was damaged by an unexpected downpour, so far i havent been able to find a replacement which is a bit of a pain. The cord is long enough to reduce the need for an extension in a lot of cases for me and is of a good quality, something i always look for on corded power tools. I have since used this for sanding down the oak kitchen table for restaining, sanding down an exposed roof beam in the attic conversion, the shed, the wooden garden furniture and more. It has handled all the jobs i have presented to it adequately and has encouraged me to get on with jobs that i would have put off for longer.

  • Vicious.
  • It worked great, thank goodness for the Turbo boost and the
  • Bosch beater

Metabo SXE450 240V Orbit Sander

  • The SXE450 turboTec is high powered, compact in size and very lightweight. 
  • It also comes with an Intec dust filter unit plus a turboBoost switch for maximum stock removal. 
  • Improved ergonomics, styling and gearing with a bearing system that reduces vibration by 25%.

I’d got it for one particular job, but now use it for everything. Its lovely and heavy, you can feel the difference with the orbital bit turned on. I got arbanet pads to go with it which are also excellent, last lonnger and between the pads and the sander, hugely reduce the amount of dust i had in the air over previous sanders. I know its expensive, but i honestly couldnt recommend this higher especially if you have wood which requires a reasonable amount of stock to be taken off. Im a reasonable home diyer who likes a few woodworking type projects. Defintely not an expert nor a total newbie.

Bought to replace a bosch gex 150 after reading reviews. Used to sand corian and other solid surface material. Smooth motor and useful dual orbit settings. Seems well built but time will tell. So far very impressed for the price.

My bosch pex 400 ae broke down after a short period of use. Although it was an excellent sander, when it worked, it isn’t a patch on this. Managed to pick this up from warehouse deals at a steal, £108 and it hd never been used. Just the sanding disc was missing. Very quiet and vicious at sanding. I have been using it with a vacuum extractor. The dust that you can see escaping from the sanding holes in the base, are immediately picked up by the fans that draw in the dust. The is little, if any dust at all escaping. Please remember that a lot of the sanding abilities come from the quality of the sanding discs.

Really good alternative to festool – turbo button is good and it handles well.