Makita TM3000C 240 V Multi-Tool, Quality Machine

Not used much yet but seems ok – used on 18mm oak floor boards and just about managed it with much smoke and burning smell.

Excellent quality – far better than bosch.

Usual markita quality, main advantage is that the blades are fixed with a bolt, so no change without a tool, but the blades are rigidly fitted to the tool meaning that all the power goes into the blade and the fastening shouldn’t loosen with age. This is probably why in practice the makita cuts better and quicker than the cheap one it replaced, blade wear also seems less, still better to use branded blades as cheap ones don’t last and use the correct blade for the material you’re working with. So far used to remove tiles, mortar and paint. Best use was removing wood and paint preventing doors from closing, no scraping or chiselling required, but there are many other jobs where it reduces time and effort. So to sum up, a solid and well made multi-tool that will tackle the jobs you have been avoiding.

Key specs for Makita TM3000C 240 V Multi-Tool:

  • Accessories can be installed at 30 degree increments, across 360 degrees
  • Thumb on/off switch, positioned for ease of use when holding body of machine
  • Variable speed control dial
  • Optional dust extraction attachment (not included)
  • Uses OIS interface

Comments from buyers

“Brilliant multi-tool
, Two star for tool, five stars for Makita
, Quality piece of kit – after all its Makita!

Well made saw quality product.

Great tool – versatile and easy to use and it can do just about anything.

Maketa allows the best i have had this make for over 45 years as a builder in both australia and england and they are simply the best.

Probably one of the handiest tools in my set.

Makes even awkward sanding projects easy and quick, and i haven’t even used the other tools yet.

This is a really good piece of kit. Bought a cheaper ryobi one but this heated up very quickly so opted to buy this makita piece of kit instead. Having set back up as a carpentary, joinery, and home improvement company, i need kit i can rely on. There have not been many jobs that has not called for this versatile piece of kit. With sanders, cutting blades, scrapers etc this really is very versatile. Removing lino, tiles, grout, even brake disc shields this can do it all.

After 18 months of very light use the blade started to move around even tho it was firmly clamped, even with light pressure the blade would start to turn which made it pretty useless, i contacted makita and even tho it was out of warranty they agreed to fix it if i would send it to them, so for the cost of postage it is now back to normalas a tool its incredibly useful, dont know why i didn’t get one ages ago2 stars for the multi tool5 stars for makita after sales service.

Bought as a must as a heating engineer that constantly has to raise floor boards. Perfect to cut boards instead of levering up and sawing, saves so much time with other applications too.

Worth paying a few pounds extra to get this machine rather than cheaper makes.

It is robustly constructed and functional. I do ask myself if it might have been better to spend a bit more and have simplified blade changing.

In combination with the blade set this is one of the best tools i have seen in a long time. Amazon price and delivery were very good.