Makita BJR181Z 18V Li-Ion Body Only Reciprocating Saw – recip saw

A very good product it has saved us a lot of time it makes getting out old windows alot quicker.

What can i say apart from makita the name says it all. The only thing is that it is juicy on your battery but hay hoy. Also comes with a couple of blades to get you going ta much.

If you already have any makita kit with the 18v 3ah li-ion battery, then this saw (bare unit) is an essential buy – i just wish i’d bought it earlier. I’ve had it for a few months now and it’s proved very useful indoors and out. I’ve used it for cutting (seasoned) wood for my wood-burning stove – anything up to 10′ thick is achievable. The wood i was cutting had been sitting in the rain, but the makita had no problems with it. Of course it will not cut nearly as quickly as a chainsaw, but if like me you have experienced the hassle (and danger) of using a petrol chansaw then using the makita is a joy in comparison and much more pleasant to use. I’ve also used it indoors for cutting through 2′ wooden studding, where it proved a real boon – very quick and much easier than trying to use a handsaw, especially in tight spaces. The battery seems to last pretty well – i haven’t had to recharge yet after using it for several jobs over a number of days. All-in-all an essential buy. Here are the specifications for the Makita BJR181Z 18V Li-Ion Body Only Reciprocating Saw:

  • Extra high cutting speed model with large variable speed trigger.
  • Tool-less blade change.
  • Dust protection.
  • Twin LED job light with afterglow.
  • Max Cut in Wood: 255mm , Max Cut in Pipe: 130mm

Item was great and it is working perfectly. Have no problems with it at all.

Great peice of kit, nice tool.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • Awesome Makita reciprocating saw
  • Makita BJR181Z 18V Li-Ion
  • Great saw!

I used it to cut up a 12 kg frozen turkey and it did the job on one battery.

Excellent machine for the awkward cuts, bigger unit than i thought. I would highly recommend this tool.

Best price online i could find, good product with easy blade change and good performance.

This is a perfect tool for remove old frames. Great and very useful tool for traders.

Brilliant piece of kit, should of bought one long ago.

I bought this mainly for cutting green would in our garden and also firewood for the wood burner. Even with the right blade it is slow on anything over 50mm diameter. Much slower than my bandsaw or chainsaw. Tho’ i’m a fan of the convenience cordless tools – from the same stable my makita bph 458 drill is excellent, while rotak mower and sthill hedge trimmer are fine – cordless sabre saw doesn’t cut the mustard.

Although it has a variable speed trigger its almost impossible to keep it at a constant(slow) speed what with all the inevitable jumping around. It needs a separate speed dial setting. Cutting metal at high speed consumes blades. Also the foot is not long enough to enable shallow depth cutting.

Great tool very pleased with it.

Brought this for my hubby to cut logs for our woodburner. It is brilliant, only problem is the battery does not last long enough.

Great reciprocating saw best one yet so far.

This saw is a bit of a beast. It’ll go through most things pretty well – i’ve cut medium tree trunks, kiln-dried timber and used it for demolition that meant cutting through wood with some nails buried in it. It coped well with everything. Most impressive of all, i recently had to pick up a railway sleeper – 6’x9′ green oak – and at 8ft long, it was too long for even the estate car so i took the bjr181 with me, and a hand saw just in case. One freshly-charged battery and 5 minutes with the bjr181 were all i needed – the guys at the yard were impressed, apparently people normally try to cut oak sleepers with a chainsawthree things to know: (1) it’s heavy; (2) it vibrates a lot when cutting anything that isn’t 100% solid and firm; (3) it eats battery charge as you’d expect. Have several ready if you’ve a lot of work for it to do. Nb – bought this from toolstop directly, but their own website doesn’t do product reviews so i figured amazon was a good place to leave one.

Stirling bit of kit,flick it to rock’n’roll does the bizzo every time.

A bit of an impulse buy as i was looking for a spare battery for my makita combi drill, but saw this. Got the battery from somewhere else then the saw. It does drain batteries pretty quickly so you definitely need a spare. For cutting up old pallets or pruning small trees however it is great. Download the instruction manual from the makita website, as it comes with nothing if bought ‘body only’. Well made and robust so far.

What i have come to expect from makita. Excellent tool, used with irwin steel / wood blades to destroy an old porch roof. Excellent cuts, very precise with some patience and a strong grip. Its reassuringly heavy, perfect for my grip / strength, but then again i am over 5ft and quite strong. It may be a little heavy for the smaller fella.

I bought this just in time for work on a profile roof. Came in very useful to cut out vent holes with no problems.

Great machine,handies great,very comfartabie,,,worth the money.