Makita 1/4-inch/ 3/8-inch 240V Plunge Router – Top tool

Usual makita build quality so it will go on for years. Bought my son one of these years ago and it still does the job.

Typical makita quality in this excellent plunge router,whether you are a diyer or a pro this will give goodresults. It`s a fact that small routers do more useful work in general than large routers,being easier to controland handle,ladies can also find them useful diy tools for decorative finishing,where the large routers are unwieldy andmore difficult to handle.

Looking forward to using this its still in box but looks good quality. Here are the specifications for the Makita 1/4-inch/ 3/8-inch 240V Plunge Router:

  • Collet capacity: 1/4 or 3/8 Inch
  • No load speed 27000 RPM
  • Double insulation. Vibration K factor: 1.5 m/sec²
  • Scale level for adjusting depth of routing
  • Plunge Capacity 0 – 35 mm
  • Includes carry case

Quality and build you would expect.

Makita what can i say quality machines low rectal for quality work manship.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • Makita router
  • Quality piece of kit Makita what can I say
  • Router

What they fail to mention is that this router cannot be used with a router table owing to the fact that the machine control on the handle cannot be locked on. You can use it with various jigs and i suspect you can use it with the wood rat if it’s plunger rails can avoid the machine control on the handle. But what it cannot do is be mounted upside down in a router table. You might want to change the 3/8 collet supplied with a more substantial replacement.

Excellent router at bargain price.

I had one of these router’s for about a decade and it finally packed-up after a lot of abuse. I didn’t hesitate in purchasing another one.

Wonderful router – so much better than the bosch it replaced. A very well thought out product. My only gripe (like other reviewers here) is that the spanner storage compartment in the case is not well thought out – too easy for the spanners to fall into the void behind it. Aside from that, 100% on price and usability.

Did not like the handle and switch all in one ,hard to hold.

Good service good tool easy to use.

Excellent router, light and easy to control, consistent and smooth output. A design that lends itself to be manoeuvrable, making it ideal for longer jobs requiring concentration normally draining on the user, whilst the ergonomic sure grip handles provide maximum tool control. However, the carry case is a frustrating joke though. The spanners don’t ever snap back into place, there’s no place for the plug to sit, there is a special location for router bits in their retail packaging, and parts can get lost forever down the back of the internal moulding. Mine went straight in the bin. Adds frustration to an otherwise excellent tool. Best to shop around for this item as it can found for cheaper, and in some cases comes with add-ons for free.

Over the moon with this product. I have always liked makita power tools, and will keep on buying them.

Purchased as a birthday present. The recipient is more than happy.

Very good i wouldn’t expect anything else from makita.

Comes with a makita box and some free router bits as well. Must be best value on the net.

The same high quality as the rest of my makita tools. Considering this is an entry level router. It is light and compact and has it’s uses. I agree with other reviewers it is almost impossible to fit the spanners into the storage area provided without access to a hydraulic press, (there appears to be a position to store a spanner to fit the three turret height bolts,although this spanner is not in the kit) i must admit i did manage to drop the smaller spanner down the slot provided for the owner/user manual and after manically shaking the otherwise empty box for what seemed like an eternity it appeared and was removed with a magnet. The spanners will fit in the tubular end of the vacuum connector-provided the larger spanner end is facing the right way,the router will fit back in the case as intended and the spanners will stay where they are. A reviewer mentioned that there is no proper storage for the router bits supplied,i must admit i have five routers for various purposes 110v for site work 240v for my workshop and have never found a reason to carry router bits in a router case. The three pin plug fits easily in the case. A lid compartment stores the collet cones.

Excellent addition to my diy tools.