Laser 3682 Magnetic Plug Socket 250mm 16mm 3/8″dr – deep socket

Some cars demand a long socket to reach the spark plugs hidden deep in the engine. This socket is very nice quality and the magnet holds the plug very securely and makes the job easy.

I’d been struggling to change spark plugs with my regular spanner. This did the trick with ease. Great addition to my toolbox.

This tool is just the job for getting the spark plugs changed on my mitsubishi shogun cos they are set deep down below the intake manifold also has a magnetic tip for holding the plugs in the socket.

  • High-quality 16mm sparkplug socket with 3/8 sq. drive that’s essential for those deep recesses.
  • Skoda/Volkswagen
  • Essential tool

Why certain manufacturers feel the need to have such a narrow opening in the top of the block to reach the spark plugs i will never know, kawasaki do the same with their older bikes. I had 4 different spark plug sockets non fitted, this one is slim and perfect for the job, the magnetic connection is also a good idea, much better that the standard rubber washer in some sockets.

Bought this laser 3682 socket via tool academy and it arrived on the earliest due date – albeit longer than hoped, but i can’t complain, really. This is the socket that’s essential when removing/inserting 16mm-nut sparkplugs into deep engine sparkplug recesses. Manufacture quality is high. However, i’ve never been fully convinced about bi-hex (12-point) sockets, as contact is simply ‘into the points’ and tolerances can sometimes mean that the socket will slip when in use and jam against the nut or bolthead. Some would argue that straightforward hex is better, since there’s then much more contact of the socket ‘across the flats’. Nonetheless, bi-hex normally works okay if you ensure that the socket fits fully over the nut or head in the first place. When peering down a deep recess this is not always easy to ensure. One thing that does annoy me about laser tools of this kind is their built-in plastic display packaging, and this is why i’m dropping one star from the review. I’m referring to the use of the square drive as a means for carrying a keyed-in plastic product ident. I’m not sure how others manage with removing it on receipt but it was a nightmare to deal with and in the end i had to resort to tough sidecutters to extract it, or remnants of it.

Features of Laser 3682 Magnetic Plug Socket 250mm 16mm 3/8″dr

  • 3/8″ drive
  • Thin walled 16mm long
  • 16mm bi-Hex
  • Magnetic
  • Chrome Vanadium with knurled end