Laser 2789 Socket Rack Tray – Small – Surprisingly useful and top notch build quality

Great little rails these, and theh andle is a good feature, it gives you the ability to take a custom array of sockets to a given job.

Works perfectly for all my sockets, easy to carry and quality seems good.

For years i kept my socket set in it’s original case, which had small indentsfor each socket and a layer of foam which was meant to press on the driver, attachments and sockets when the case was closed and keep everything in order. When ever the case was lifted vertically to be carried, the sockets could be heard rattling about inside. I bought this socket tray as a solution and it’s good but it has a few flaws. The first issue i have is that there are not enough holders on the tray for the sockets i have – you get a rail of ten large holders – of which i have no sockets to attach, two rails of the medium sized holders, again, ten for each rail and a final rail of the small holders. There are only ten clips on this latter rail too but i could have easily fitted another three or four sockets from my set on there. I’ve taken a look at amazon and at the manufacturer’s website and it does not look like sets of clips can be purchased separately to customise the tray to your needs. The second issue i have with this is that there is nowhere to attach the actual ratchet driver which would have been handy. The ratchet on one side of the tray and an extention on the other and the sockets in the middle of the tray would have been great. Here are the specifications for the Laser 2789 Socket Rack Tray – Small:

  • Socket rails on painted tray
  • 10 x 1/2″D holders
  • 20 x 3/8″D holders
  • 10 x 1/4″D holders
  • Ideal socket storage solution

Had a few 1/4, 3/8 and 1/2 sockets in my box. This socket rail soon cured the problem.

As described and holds the sockets well unlike some units.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • Surprisingly useful and top notch build quality
  • Good product that was exactly as expected
  • Does what is says (when you fathom out what it’s saying)

Good quality so i bought a second one.

I ordered this based on all the reviews. On receipt, i was at a loss as to how it functioned. Where the clips used to hold the sockets to the rack?. Did the sockets fit between the clips?it took a search for pictures on google to come up with (what is now) a logical answer. Simply, push the socket onto the appropriate clip with the end that normally fits to the socket spanner and it sits securely in place – simples. Now i have my array of sockets in size order and imperial and metric separated and easily accessible.

Well that tidy s my tool chest back up.

Bought three sets of deep sockets (1/4, 3/8 and 1/2) and bought thisbtray to hold them. Managed to fit them all on, but had to rely on a couple of clips from elsewhere, as number that came with tray did not quite match my needs. Seems very secure one all in place, and will hang from a hook in my garage.

I bought this little tray alone with its much bigger cousin the laser 3747 socket tray. I actually bought this little tray so it could donate a couple of its clips to the bigger relative as i have a large number of 1/4 inch sockets i needed to store. As it turns out i have been very impressed with this little tray. I use it quite often now as a kind of tote tray for my sockets as it’s pretty unusual to need to carry a full set around the house for the odd job or even for larger projects really. My main tool bag is a veto pro pac tech xl which doesn’t handle sockets that well so when i need to do something i stick a variety on this little tray and carry it with me or squeeze it ino the pro pac. If i’m off to help someone else on a job i chuck it in my second tool box (a ds300 toughsystem from dewalt) and off we go. It’s been really useful for holding everything together and the clips are easily strong enough to survive being chucked in a box and transported around. The addition of a handle it the best touch as carrying/clipping to something is so easy. I’ve not had anything fall of it yet, especially shorter depth sockets although deeper ones do bend over a little of you knock it about. Overall, i’m really glad i got this as it’s turned out to be way more useful than i thought.

One rivet loose otherwise should last me years.

This socket tray was just the job to sort out my socket set when the case had split. I was so pleased with it i bought the bigger version.

Excellent quality, now has all my regularly used 3/8 drive sockets on, satisfied customer.