Festool FS1080/2 Guide Rail, Quality item from

Fantastic accessory for festool ts saw.

Use mine with a titan saw from screwfix which fits no problem, much better than the 2x 700mm rails fitted together (no bumps on join) that came with it. Does exactly what you would expect sits on the wood without moving thanks to the pads underneath and i will get a longer one when i win the lottery.

Key specs for Festool FS1080/2 Guide Rail:

  • Safe, perfectly straight power tool guidance
  • Splinter guard for splinter-free sawing
  • Protects the workpiece surface from being damaged

Comments from buyers

“Straight cuts, easy., Quality item from Festool, my MTF/3 so I bought this 800 rail – amazing the loss if 600mm makes to ease of use”

Arrives well packaged, and good quality aluminium. Has two rubber strips on the bottom that firmly holds it in place for small cuts. Although this is probably one of the cheapest guides on the market, i still object to paying so much for a basic piece of metal no matter how good it works so looses a star for value for money.

Really useful addition to your festool saw kit. Handy and manouverable size for cross cuts and smaller work pieces.

It arrived perfectly in time, packaged in a carton box, only thing we you use it the first time, the track saw will cut through the clear plastic that protects the side exposed to the blade, i guess this is perfectly fine as i have seen it happening to all the guide rails that i have used so far.

I got a good deal of trouble with the product.

Allows you to make professional cuts every time.

I was very pleased with the new rail my other one is a bit bent now as some one accidently stood on it.

Brilliant for sheet working accurate cutting without the hassle.

Really good size further smaller areas that need cutting. Will be well used and worth the money.

Nothing exciting but really useful guide rail for my 55.

My 1400 rail was too long to cut my kitchen tops and my 1080 rail is on my mtf/3 so i bought this 800 rail – amazing the loss if 600mm makes to ease of use. This is now my default go to rail when doing 90% of my home improvements.

Why didn’t i buy one years ago?. As an amateur diyer this has really improved my work. Yes it’s expensive but worth it in the long run. I waste much less wood since getting this as my cuts are now so much more accurate.

Excellent service, product is what it is. Worth purchasing as it fits a door width.

Great arrived early and it’s festool what’s not to like.

Very impressed with the people i delt with.

After reading the instruction, i tested it, it works butifully,no splinter on the material being cut. The only observation, it culd have been made more rigid; but not a big problem.

I’m using this with a ts55 saw. Construction and finish quality is what you would expect from festool, although i did think it felt a bit light at first for something designed to not move. In use however the rubber grip strips on the base of the rail work very effectively, and obviously the weight of the saw helps as well. The green strips on top of the rail are a slippy plastic which lets the saw slide over them very easily. Initially you have to attach the replaceable rubbery guide strip and make a cut through it, which then gives you an extremely accurate edge to line up with your mark. I’ve made a couple of hundred cuts with it and this rubber guide doesn’t look any the worse for wear. This works so well, if your cuts not right, you’ve probably marked it wrong. I haven’t felt the need to use clamps with the rail; i’m primarily cutting mdf and ply and the rail doesn’t move at all on either material, as long as the piece is large enough. If you’re cutting smaller pieces, it may be useful to have an offcut of the same thickness in front of and behind the piece to keep the rail flat, and give it a bit more surface to grip. I’ve got a couple of 1400mm rails, which are perfect for cutting an eight foot length (2440mm). Joining them uses a pair of aluminium bars, one on top, one underneath the rail. Each has four holes, with four little (10mm ish) grub screws. Now, it does work, it’s just a bit tedious.

Great, the original and still the best quality product.

Prompt delivery very good product.

Straight cuts and accuracy every time.