Duratool – Stand : Okay for occasional use

Probable needs a deeper recess for spunge to easy to come out.

I wanted a stand for my stained glass soldering iron. Inexpensive but sturdy on my work bench.

DURATOOL – Stand, Soldering Iron

  • Spring Holder Length: 100mm
  • Hollow base – Only sides are in contact with the work surface
  • Sponge included
  • Centre Hole Dia. : 23mm
  • Inner Cup Size: 32mm Ø

It was suggested that my soldering iron would be better in a coil rather than a flower pot. This item hits the spot, takes apart for easy storage. Just what i wanted at a really affordable price.

Just what we required very quick delivery would recommend.

Good price but the sponge is stingy.

DURATOOL – Stand, Soldering Iron : Good solid stand and just right for the job.

I finally bought a stand after decades of making do without one, because i have a small child. The quality and weight are just about adequate, but not great. If you do a lot of soldering look for something better than this.

I bought this to replace a plastic stand that came with my el cheapo electric soldering iron, which had suffered too many contacts with a hot iron. It comes disassembled, and it proved very easy to attach just the coil where the iron sits in place of the failed plastic one, using the bolt and wing nut provided. I don’t now have a use for the base, but did transfer the sponge to my old stand. This product appears to be generally available at several stores, and the price i paid was cheaper that any others i saw.

It dise exeactly what says on the tin. Great value and very handy an essensal part of any tool kit with no mistake stopyour mums table getting burnt and you you shirt sleaves from melting.

Not the best but good value nonetheless, i read other reviews before ordering and guessed that it would be good enough for occasional use which it is. If you are someone who wants one for continuous use, spend a bit more but this suits me.

This is totally suitable for the job, and at a reasonable price. Although i will agree with other reviewers, that the base is somewhat light, and can be improved by fitting to a block of wood or similar, to gice extra stability.

Again, excellent product and prompt service. I would definitely use this seller again.

One thought on “Duratool – Stand : Okay for occasional use

  1. This review is from : DURATOOL – Stand, Soldering Iron

    Perfect, just like the one i used in college 20 years ago.
  2. This review is from : DURATOOL – Stand, Soldering Iron

    Perfect, just like the one i used in college 20 years ago.
  3. This review is from : DURATOOL – Stand, Soldering Iron

    This soldering stand is not heavy enough so i don’t feel it is very safe.

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