Draper 49417 Tile Cutting Pliers 200 mm : tiller cutter

Thank you very much it is a superb.

It does the job,its me that cant use it properly but practice makes perfection.

I used it for cutting tiles.

I will keep this as short as possible, since this is a very simple tool with just _one_ function. I needed to replace some tiles on a wall, that needed to be precisely shortened to a specific length, so i was looking for the cheapest, most effective hand tool i could find, in order to do the job in the cleanest and fastest possible way. I chose this specific tool because draper usually offers a rather high average quality in all of its tools, and i had seen a video showing how easy and precise tile cutting can be with similar tools from other brands, but in the end the result was not satisfactory, in this case, and here is why:this tool has a tungsten carbide cutting wheel on one corner, which you need to press against the upper surface of the tile, in order to score (“scribe”) it, while pushing down and forward with the tool at the same time, along the exact cutting line you want to follow. Then, once you have successfully scored the tile (supposedly. ), all you need to do is lower the “breaking wings” of the tool (basically a sort of hinged plastic pincers which intersect with a central breaking part in the middle) and “grab” the tile, applying some strong pressure with the handles, in order to cut the tile exactly along the scored line. This would work nicely, if the wheel was able to impress a deeper cut in the tile, but unfortunately, in my case, although i applied _a lot_ of pressure, the wheel was barely able to produce a very shallow scratch, in several tries on several tiles. Therefore, in all cases, as soon as i squeezed the tile with the breaking wings, it just broke along a partially irregular path, leaving large, razor-cut pieces attached to the cutting line, which i had to remove with a lot of effort, using _different_ tools (since this tool does not allow to “correct” the cut or cut off any partially remaining pieces: it just works across an entire, regular surface. )luckily, since i was not sure whether this tool would be effective enough or not, i also ordered along with it a simple, ultra-cheap carbide-tipped tile cutter, also from draper draper 29521 carbide tipped tile cutter, which turned out to be _much_ more effective in scoring the tiles, with much less pressure. So, in the end, i was able to produce good (but still _not_ perfect) tile cuts by using the cheap cutter to score the tiles first, and then using this tool to just break them. It should be possible to just use the cheap cutter and some good pincers to break the tiles, but using both these tools together seems much safer and easier, at least to me, so it was a lucky combination.

  • Not very effective at all at scoring/scribing tiles, but useful in combination with more effective cutters
  • Good mosiac cutter
  • tiller cutter

Draper 49417 Tile Cutting Pliers 200 mm

  • Special 13mm tungsten carbide cutting wheel which scores the surface to be cut
  • Swivelling top plate aids even break
  • Cuts and trims glass, ceramic or stone tiles up to 16mm thick

Satisfied with purchase and recommend seller.

This is a very good item and a must for your diy tile cutting easy to use and good value.

Simply and quickly cut a small number of metro tiles.

It is so easy to cut tiles with it.

I had never cut tiles before and my hand dexterity isn’t the best but with a little practice, i mastered mosiac tile cutting with this tool and i have no complaints. It’s proper handy and does the job well.

One thought on “Draper 49417 Tile Cutting Pliers 200 mm : tiller cutter

  1. This review is from : Draper 49417 Tile Cutting Pliers 200 mm

    Mine just used to cut for 5 tiles after that it didint cut n was my all tile broken in piecec.
  2. This review is from : Draper 49417 Tile Cutting Pliers 200 mm

    Mine just used to cut for 5 tiles after that it didint cut n was my all tile broken in piecec.
  3. This review is from : Draper 49417 Tile Cutting Pliers 200 mm

    Average, wheel is to sloppy the cutter loves to “walk” away from the line.

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