Draper 24433 Fretsaw Blade Clamp Holder Set, As expected

Very good service and product.

This was a replacement clamp for my fretsaw. The original clamp split down the middle due to the metal alloy used for the body not being able to take the force exerted by the screws that lock the blade. The replacement is identical. The body design lacks sufficient bulk necessary for strength due to the high number of holes that weaken the integrity of the body structure. The rating of three is because of the poor material/design used. Beware of tightening the screws too much – which is difficult – because if not tight enough the blade will break loose during use. However, the vendor service was excellent (5*) and the product came on time.

This is an item that breaks fairly frequently and i’ve always been able to buy new clamps locally, sadly my source dried up so i had to resort to amazon. Its a good product at a good price and it arrived promptly. I’ll certainly buy from this source again.

Key specs for Draper 24433 Fretsaw Blade Clamp Holder Set for 89334:

  • Hold plain and pin end Fretsaw blades
  • For use with Draper Fretsaws
  • Draper Guaranteed Product

Comments from buyers

“Draper Fretsaw Blade Clamp
, From pin blade to plain blade.
, Just what I needed

This did everything expected of it,excellent little tool.

Excellent, but now i have upgraded my scroll saw and they do not fit this one. But i couldn’t fault them when in use.

I bought this item believing it to be universal, unfortunately it’s not so can’t comment except to say check before you buy.

As described, quick delivery, very pleased.

Perfect just what i needed many thanks.

Great price, fast delivery, i must remember this time not to over-tighten the grub screw and crack the clamp.

Its a bit of a fiddle to work with but does the job. Fit the bottom of the blade first then hook it onto the fretsaw base. Now thread the blade into the work area and secure it to the top by just hooking it over the saw. Now tension the blade with a nice ping.For inside cuts thread the blade through from the bottom.

Very happy with this purchase good quality item.

This fitted my record ss16v scroll saw works fine ordered then delivery next day great loverly jubberly.

Great clamps,, work absolutely perfect,,, 100% satisfied.

This clamp is an essential element of the scroll saw. The design is weak so the original component will fail and amazon provided a replacement at a reasonable cost and in quick time.

Nicely sorted -amber very helpful.

This is a well manufactured device but it is very difficult to clamp the blades between two allen screws. It took many attempts before i finally managed to get a spiral blade fixed. When in use, the blades break more easily than i am used to. However, i did use it on a scroll saw that required modification before i could use it. I eventually converted my machine using two brass cable clamps taken from an old 13amp plug and cut to suit.

It’s ok, but doesn’t fit all saw connection points,had to grind my connection hooks to fit between the clamps sides.

Fits my screw-fix saw, easy to use.

Very useful – fits by record power scroll saw perfectly and as an addition to the set that came with the saw enables me to swap different pinless blades quickly.

Can adapt to fit my clarke saw.

Spot on exactly what i wanted.

They are fairly substantial for the size of them. Very fiddly to change the blades if you have sausage fingers like me.

These do not fit a titan scroll saw. I had to make an adapter they then worked fine, note: use good quality fretsaw blades.

Excellent clamps, a tad pricey though cheaper than some.