DEWALT DW777 240V 216mm Crosscut Mitre Saw : small mitre Saw for big jobs

I have had a previous version of this mitre saw, the dw 707, for about 8 years i think. Bits and pieces wore out on it, and in particular the safety guard mechanism became tired to the point of frustration. I always liked the 707, it was weighty and therefore steady and convincing. Looked after properly i had the impression the base and the motor would outlast the peripheries (guard mechanism for instance), and this proved correct. The new dw777 is all the more convincing. De walt have refined one or two details for the better. In particular the safety guard mechanism is improved, e. The black handle which activates the safety guard retraction, this now gives a much better face for the hand to press against, and the action both of the safety guard and the sliding head function (which now has a lock) is smooth and easy. The new, sharp blade told me how much i had used my previous saw.

Good quality saw ,but there was no dust extraction gear with it which i expected,but it is a professional tool,cut acurately.

DeWalt DW777 240V 216mm Crosscut Mitre Saw

  • Classic pull saw design improved and updated for the modern user
  • 1800 watt motor for powerful cutting in all materials
  • New head lock function allows the head to be fixed, restricting the traverse function for trim applications and ease of transportation
  • Integrated positive mitre stops at 15 degrees, 22.5 degrees, 30 degrees, 45 degrees, quick release mitre mechanism up to 50 degrees
  • Sliding left hand fence with measuring scale for improved material support and management

What i love in this tool, and why i always dreamed of it, is that it doesn’t take any space behind the saw at all, unlike all others sliding mitre saws do. When you often work in tight spaces 1 meter deep (as i do often on balconies) or simply on a countertop near the wall – you just cannot use any other sliding mitre saw because of lack of the space. And you easily do with this one, because it’s guides go inside the head of the saw, and it’s revolutional solution. In addition solid built, nice sharp cuts and very lightweight in comparison to others. Cannot say yet how long it will last, because i have it for 1 week or so. And yes, a little bit frustrating thing, i haven’t read negative comments about it before 1st use, and yes, i also cut the corner of aluminium sliding backfence when done 45 degrees corner to test the cuts. You have to shift it to the left a bit for blade not to go against it. Better option, once you buy this saw- first thing you might do – just cut off the damned corner with angle grinder or something else. Otherwise you will forget about it anyway during your job and still will cut it off with the saw blade later.

Fantastic tool, versatile and accurate.

Defiantly a great item, you cant go wrong with theses does exactly what its mean to do, great product and value for money, cuts really well, and has plenty of power, great tool to have.

DeWalt DW777 240V 216mm Crosscut Mitre Saw : Product is fine,it just took to long to arrive.

Having suffered years of inconsistant results with my old chop-saw. This one produces excellence every time it is used.

The design doesn’t seem to have changed at all from my elu but the build is much poorer, still a handy little saw, same it is not double compound.

Brilliant saw no dust bag also 3 outlets for dust any one know where i can purchase a dust bag that works?.

Excellent saw, very clean cut.

Brilliant,does what it says.

But for the design of the adjustable back fence. Tried to do a scarf joint on skirting and cut straight through the 1/4 inch aluminium.

Excellent saw but basic for the money. No dust bag or adaptors for the extraction of sawdust and not clear which one to select for the saw. Strong and sturdy but beware of the sliding fence when cutting at 45 degrees.

If only there was a decent wood dust extractor.

Lovely piece of kit – excellent value for money.

My elu ps174 handle finally gave up working. I looked at my trusty saw of 20 yrs, with all its battle scars, and realized that it was time for a replacement. I wondered where i would get a replacement. I looked around, google, bing, etc. Then to amazon and there i saw the dw777 and i was saved. Like my elu it’s simple, easy to use and light to shift around. I have built a lightweight inexpensive bench to have on site, (like i had for my elu) and now i just take the saw home at night like before. Its smoother to use, its quieter and the it spins faster. The cut is better even when using the old dull saw blades. It arrived quicker than i thought to south sweden from england – 4 working days. My trusty elu ps174 has life again as, while searching, i found i could purchase spare parts and now its up and running again. . It will probably out last me. I believe the dw777 will do just as well as it looks and feels stronger and better.

This saw does what it is supposed to. It’s pretty rigid, so accurate cuts can be made. This is what a mitre saw should do. What i didn’t like was the fact that they praised their dust collection system, and then there is no way to attach you dust collection system to the saw, without buying an optional extra for another £60. Not even a simple dust bag is included, so unless this is for outdoor use only, you have to spend ekstra money. And who takes a dust collection system outside?so hey – put another #60 on top to get the right price, if you want it indoors. The dust collection part is called de7777 if anybody’s interested.

Its a shame that no dust bag provided.

From factory the right hand fence is not aligned to left fence even though it is cast in one piece. Have aligned the blade fence ect. However the 45 degrees left is 3 degrees out, on the right 45 and 90 degrees it is perfect. Now have bits of electric tape to mark the true position. Surprising as this replaced a very cheap b&q oem that is more accurate than the dewalt. Only learned at how inaccurate it is after a very frustrating and costly ( waste timber and time) second fix. Also had to change the compound cut it was 2 degrees out. A very nice light weight saw and cuts well but the inaccuracy is unforgivable. For construction this should not be a problem but if it is second fix beware. For those who think i am using the wrong blade it has been changed to a 60 tooth dewalt with no difference.

Quality bit of kit ,great on wooden flooring and skirting boards.

The saw was not supplied with the correct dust collector connections. I had to obtain them from de walt – even those did not fit properly.

Very good,it does everything it says on the tin.

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  1. Delighted with this saw, first one i’ve ever owned in 35 years of diy home maintenance. So easy to set up and use, i wish i’d invested many years ago.
    1. Delighted with this saw, first one i’ve ever owned in 35 years of diy home maintenance. So easy to set up and use, i wish i’d invested many years ago.

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