Clarke METALWORK BENCH GRINDER/SAND BELT 6 inch, Just not great.

The grinding wheel sucked and the machine died within a year, it wasn’t even used that much because it was weaker than my other belt sander, but i tried using it there today and the damn thing just refused to start. So i won’t be buying anymore clarke products.

Make sure you have a spanner set. Grinding wheel lock nut 20mm, grinding work rest 12mm nuts that hold plate on side of grinding wheel 8mm sanding belt tensioner 14mm and sanding belt work rest 10mm are what i have came across so far. That aside it’s not bad for the money.

Screws on belt guard rubbish, too soft, need to replace them. Belt hits back of guard, needs bent away from it. Belts are bumpy against back plate, back plate needed adjusting but the bumping is really the problem with the seem on the cheap belt although apart from that the belt should do the job. A draper belt sorted it out. Under powered in my book, i know this because after this was tested i got a draper 370 watt, way way better machine for £23 more. The clarke will do as a buffer with a slight modification done to it. Luckily my son had another use for it.


  • •Grinding wheel – coarse grit, Sanding belt – 120 grit
  • •Wheel dimensions (mm) – 150 diam. x 20 wide x 12.7 bore, belt 50 x 686mm
  • •240 Watt, 230v 1ph motor operating at 2800 RPM (sanding belt runs at 15.5 M/sec)
  • •Combined eye shield / spark arrestors plus wheel guards to protect against flying particles.
  • •Adjustable tool rests enable controlled presentation of the workpiece

Comments from buyers

“Died within a year of very light use
, Good little gadget
, Not as ready to go as expected, assembly instructions not as clear as they could be

Very satisfied with item and delivery.

This is a very useful tool for my home workshop. Really pleased with this clarke item.

The instructions give the impression that more is already installed than there is, the spark screen instructions are insufficient as are the fittings for the screen, resulting in a cracked screen within 5 minutes of trying to install it. Overall the grinder runs well but the sanding belt is another matter, any attempt to adjust the tracking of the belt results in a dismount of the upper bearing carrier which is a pain to put back together.

Item arrived i in the usual brown amazon box. But the original grinder box was torn squashed and kinda messy as of its jag been in the back of a store room. The product itself was fine. Metal construction 🚧 with few guards to put on, the instructions are pretty rubbish but it merely takes common sense to figure it out. The sand belt was not aligned correctly in the slightest which made it jam up initially, once in tangled though i was able to adjust. All in al a good bit of kit but make sure it’s booked down as our is unbalanced towards the back.

One thought on “Clarke METALWORK BENCH GRINDER/SAND BELT 6 inch, Just not great.

  1. This review is from : CLARKE METALWORK BENCH GRINDER/SAND BELT 6 inch

    Pretty poor really, and the construction isn’t brilliant. Very under powered sander and not for gettin in too.
    1. Pretty poor really, and the construction isn’t brilliant. Very under powered sander and not for gettin in too.

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