Brüder Mannesmann Mannesmann Angle Drill Adapter, Useful occasionally

I used this to drill through a vertical support in a hollow wall. My access was via a hole i’d cut out to fit in a 2 gang socket. I was using quite a long wood bit for making the hole and i might be wrong but i’m reasonably sure the adaptor wasn’t rattling quite so much when i got it out of the packet. Anyway all in all i’m happy for the product given the limited usage it’s going to get. Tip: if, like i had to, you’re going to have to attach your drill after getting the adaptor into any hole then i recommend attaching a length of string to the adaptor away from the spinning bits. That way you won’t have to spend 30 minutes with a magnet fishing it out after dropping it.

Ok for wood and light duty work. But don’t try it on steel for god’s sake.

Key specs for Mannesmann Angle Drill Adapter:

  • M12490 Angle Drill Adapter
  • Suitable for drills and screwdrivers
  • Additional handle for right-handers and left
  • ideal for narrow spaces
  • Extra low profile

Comments from buyers

“Good value for job in hand, God Quality Product, Useful occasionally”

Not sure how long it will last as there appears to be no lubrication inside the gearbox. It gets very hot under load even after drilling a single hole but does the bob it tight spaces.

Needed to do a drilling job under the front of my car – worked perfectly and the quality exceeded my expectations.

Did the job i bought it for, good value for the price.

Works well to reach those awkward places.

I needed to drill a hole in a small cupboard and couldn’t get the drill into the space, therefore purchased this which did the job with ease.

This adapter was bought to drill out a stripped thread on a gpz750 cylinder head without having to remove the engine from the bike. Attached to my cordless drill it worked a treat allowing access in between the bike frame tubes, so was worth a tenner to me for that one job already.

Was a brilliant purchase for the price. Worked so well drilling stainless steel plate.

Used it with drills up to 10mm and a hole saw of 35mm and it is still working no problem.

It works – was handy for using a 10mm spade bit through a joist. If you did a lot of right angled drilling, i do not think this would last being plastic, but for the odd hole, it’s a great tool to have at the price.

Much needed tool for kreg joint system. Not expensive by comparison but only used a few times so far so may not have the life of a more expensive tool. I am not using it continuously but so far very pleased.

Very handy gadget i used it on some screws that where at right angles in a narrow cupboard space. Do not forget too tape the key to the handle when not in use.

Excelent seller, excellent product.