Bosch Professional GSB 21-2 RE Corded 240 V Impact Drill : Bosch GSB212RE2 1100W 240V Impact Drill

Just installes my ring cameras cut through brick like butter.

Great drill especially for mixing filler & plaster highly recommended whould buy again.

1 month away from the end of the warranty the drill malfunctioned – the drill continued to rotate after the trigger was released. It went of for repair, which worked and was free. If i had registered the drill online with bosch when i purchased it, they would have extended the warranty and it wouldn’t have been so close to the end of the warranty when it malfunctioned.

Very strong drill – managed to push a 25mm auger through a railway sleeper easily enough. Although i had to hang on very tightly.

  • In use every day. Its has seen some action
  • Gets through Wood, metal and stone like a hot knife through butter
  • Great drill but dodgy chuck

Bosch Professional GSB 21-2 RE Corded 240 V Impact Drill

  • Torque (Nm): 40/14.5
  • No load speed (rpm) Gear 1/2: 0-900/0-3000
  • Torque control: No

Nifty drill, does what you’d expect a drill to do. Durability remains to be assessed.

Great drill but chuck is hard to get set it often has to be re-tightened – not what i expect from this company and at this price.

Perfect tool, robust, powerful and reliable, used it with diamond drill bits for drilling ceramic tiles.

This is a wonderful tool – all that you could expect of bosch. Professional alright, finely enginereerd and it feels it. Power, control balance – it has it all. No wonder there are no more domestic tool manufaturers around. It beats at least one of the other well-advertised ‘professional’ brands into the proverbial cocked hat.

Drilled stone 10 mm just like butter, where i almost burnt my previous black&decker one.

I purchased this drill on the back of many internet recommendations in order to core drill a five inch hole through a two foot thick stone wall. The bosch was more than powerful enough for the job but unfortunately the keyless chuck was not. Admittedly, the torque involved was awesome, but the chuck kept needing to be tightened. At the end of the project the chuck was considerably worn. I have always had the highest regard for bosch products and have a good collection of very long-lasting, reliable bosch tools and domestic equipment. I contacted the toolstop, the amazon agent who advised that i should ring the bosch service centre in denham to organise a warranty repair. After ten minutes of listening to a voice message thanking me for waiting, i gave up and sent an email. Next day i received a call-back and the drill was collected the following day. A few days later, i received a note from bosch advising that this was not a warranty repair as the chuck had been used with a “hard object” and it was going to cost me £70. No ammount of protest was accepted.

Really good solid drill, plenty of power, easy to use, would definitely recommend.

A great pro power drill with lots of power. Have used this on many occasion to drill through wood, brick and metal. It’s a lot quieter than my old drill, but it has reserves of power to get the job done. Comes with a handy hard plastic flight case to store the drill when not in use. Also comes equipped with suitably long power lead.