Bosch Professional GSA 18 V-LI Cordless Sabre Saw – Bosch Sbare saw.

Just the tool that i wanted great and easy to use.

Fits with bosh standard batteries. Came with a full plastic sortmo quality plastic case.

Heavier than expected, but still a great piece of kit hence the price. Here are the specifications for the Bosch Professional GSA 18 V-LI Cordless Sabre Saw:

  • Stroke lengths 28 mm
  • Vibration emission value ah 20 m/s²
  • Uncertainty K 2.5 m/s²

Have yet to use to any extent, but the build quality looks very good typical of all the bosch professional range. The batteries from my drills and other tools are interchangeable for the prof range, a real bonus when batts can cost almost as much as the tool. I have bosch tools that are old enough to vote and are still going strong. Updatei have used this tool all day and it is wonderful. It requires both hands for operation but cut through the quite thick branches of self seed sycamores easily and quickly. Love the fact that i can work anywhere without cabling. You will need a couple of batts to swap if you are using for a longish period. It is well balanced and great to use. Being able to cut metal will be very useful to me.

Bit of a mixed review this one. The sabre saw itself is probably fine – bosch very rarely fail to deliver. However this one was returned unused as the product description and delivered article didn’t match. The description, images and earlier customer reviews clearly indicated that an l-boxx was included with the saw. However it was delivered only as the saw + blades in the standard bosch cardboard box and no l-boxx. I didn’t see why i should purchase an l-boxx separately when the item should clearly have been supplied – hence i returned it. Two stars deducted for this, as i felt it would be unfair to mark the actual saw down further. I’ve since purchased the same saw, including an l-boxx, from another supplier and for a similar price.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • Bosch Prof GSA18 V-LI electric saw.
  • Exact fit that allows use with other Bosh batteries and products
  • This is genuinely the dogs balls

Very powerful and easy to hang on to. Like all bosch professional, its a win.

Like i would expect from bosch, it does what it says on the tin and with ease, and after 12 months of hard usage,comes the usual bosch reliability, great piece of kit. But the rrp is a little steep.

I love it i havent used it yet. I have used a couple of corded bosch sabre saws over the years they are very good, this one , before i even put to the test, feels macho.

Nice balance , did a good job sawing off some difficult to get at tree branches. I’m sure it will be very useful in areas where i can’t get to with my other saws.

What a great piece of kit to add to my bosch collection of tools just remember to get some 4 ah batteries if you are doing lots of cutting.

Seems to be okay , cut through metal like butterhaven’t done wood yet but cant see a problem.

I’m a gas engineer for 30 years now and this is the best bit of kit i’ve got . Brilliant for domestic work,you really need a couple of batteries if your doing continuous work, it really does cut metal brilliantlyhighly recommend.