Bosch Professional Bosch GLL 3-80 Professional Line Laser Kit – Indispensable once you have one.

So far i have used the bosch gll 3-80 to fit a new wood floating floor consisting of rafters and noggins. It enabled me to set the floor level for each room and ensure they were at the same height from the front of the property to the rear. I could also check for squareness and make sure each joist was perfectly aligned with its neighbour. The quality of the unit is excellent, and the supplied brackets have proved invaluable. As with many tools, once you have it you wonder why you didn’t buy one years ago, this is no exception, and while not cheap, i think it can be easily justified even for diy projects, as it makes the job so much easier and accurate. I wasn’t sure i really needed a 3 line laser, but having now used it, i can safely say that it has provided me with more utility and versatility than i thought it would, and has clear advantages over 2 line lasers, but i guess it does depend on the type of work you are doing. I agonised for ages, reading and watching reviews of most of the laser levels in my self imposed price limit, and eventually settled on the gll 3-80 for a number of reasons, and i am very happy with my choice.

This was the least expensive of all sites and it came with more in the box than in the photo. It was bought for setting out new extension walls and i ought to have purchased it earlier to save all the diagonal measuring etc. The only draw back is that the laser detector flash rate is too fast for my existing non-bosch detector to recognise. A simple improvement by bosch would be to have the pulse button have two flash rates.

Surprised at how well i got on with it so far. Handy shut off power saving feature too. Not to big but bigger than a lot of the cheaper models.

  • Has proved its self within a day of purchase.
  • A versatile and capable tool.
  • Bosch GLL 3-80 Great with one small drawback.

Easy to use, simple compact perfect. This is going to make my layout and design time drop by 75%. I do custom remodeling and this tool is my new best friend. Expensive but well worth it.

Brilliant item, once you’ve got one you’ll wonder how you ever did without it. For example, i hung a load of art around the perimeter walls of a salon and this made it a doddle. Getting a level on two opposing walls that are 9 metres apart is not as easy as you might think. The laser conforms to any shape or profile where a beam level would not, especially into window or door reveals. It’s not too easy to see the light outdoors during the day so i also purchased the lr2 detector for outside work, this unit also extends the range of the laser beam. This unit levels itself automatically and if you knock it out of its self adjustment range it will bleep at you to warn that it’s no longer level. I also bought the bosch tripod and a velbon mini tripod for the lower level work. My only disappointment is that it did not come in a hard case, only a soft pouch. I might have a search and see if i can find a hard case for the level and the detector.

Features of Bosch GLL 3-80 Professional Line Laser Kit

  • One horizontal and 2 vertical 360° lines enable many new applications for simultaneous marking, alignment and levelling indoors
  • Self-levelling (4° in 4 sec), very precise (± 0.2 mm/m) and range of up to 80 m with receiver
  • Compact, easy-to-handle and extremely robust (IP54)
  • Accuracy Up to ±1/4-inches at 100-ft
  • Made in China

One of the best lasers i have used.

Best on the market in my opinion.

I’ve found this laser invaluable in the few weeks since i’ve bought it. Its 360 degree, self levelling beams save so much time working in awkward corners or around obstacles, or just providing accurate datums right round a room. It’s plumb points are spot on too. If you are planning to use it outdoors buy the receiver as the beam struggles to be visible beyond 10m ish. Ip54 rating makes it perfect for site use. It needs either a decent pole or tripod as its self levelling is sensitive to small reverberations. The bm1 mount is a good extra,but whilst it can be locked vertically, there is no rotational lock. One small niggle; when using the mount the on switch is stiff enough to make you lose a previous vertical plane. The case is very good, protecting the calibration when being banged about a bit on the van. Any tradesman will soon wonder how they ever survived without it.