Bosch IXO BBQ Lithium Ion Screwdriver : Strangely impressive

This is a perfect diy tool, handy for all sorts of jobs around the house: putting in, taking out screws, it’s wonderful for maintenance jobs if you buy 3rd party attachments (like brushes and drills). The battery lasts long enough for any job ( you can use it for 3 4 hours easily before you have to charge it again). It’s lightweight so anyone can use it; and generally fun to carry around – it kind of makes you look for things to do with it. And all of the above is valid for the screwdriver without the bbq attachment; add this one to the whole package and you have a wonderful tool. This must be the most interesting attachment i’ve ever seen for a screwdriver. I really works and does a wonderful job. It’s not too powerful and does not lack breath, it’s perfect for bbqs. The build quality is what you would expect from a bosh tool- you know nothing will break down easily. And the price is surprisingly good.

I haven’t used this for a bbq yet, but its handy for blowing dust away while sawing wood. And of course the screwdriver itself is a great little tool.

Bosch IXO BBQ Lithium Ion Screwdriver with BBQ Fan Attachment

  • Lithium-ion battery means the tool is always ready to use with no self-discharge or memory effect
  • BBQ fan attachment provides a practical solution to light up a grill
  • Direction and battery status indicator
  • Integrated power light for working in dark spaces
  • Lightweight, small and compact with soft grip for better control of the tool

Nice box and screwdriver but the fan is good for smaller bbq.

A very good deal, the bbq attachment works great and the screwdriver is good but requires some attention when using because of the lack of a clutch you have to be careful not to strip the screw heads.

Awesome piece of kit, thoroughly recommend.

Bosch IXO BBQ Lithium Ion Screwdriver with BBQ Fan Attachment : This electric screwdriver is great. I bought it as i was planning to move home and lot’s of furniture need assembling. The bbq attachment is not useful for me as i don’t have a garden and the only reason why i bought it was because the whole package was a lightning deal cheaper than the only screwdriver version. The screwdriver comes in a nice tin box and inside there’s the base station, the charger and some bits, what i don’t like is that the power supplier is not detachable from the base. The device is very powerful and the battery lasts enough time to build an ikea bed, drawers and headboard included, the torque is impressive and is also lightweight. I suggest to buy the easy reach adapter that gives you access to difficult areas.

Review after 1 month’s use: this screwdriver came with an assortment of basic bits was powerful enough to put together all the flat packed furniture we bought from ikea which definitely saved my hands and fingers, (i should’ve bought this earlier) the light which comes on on half pressing the button is more useful than being just gimmicky in alighting the holes to ensure correct alignment of screws. The battery life was more than sufficient to put 2 cabinets together as well as blowing a barbecue straight after. The barbecue attachment although small was also very effective in providing that ‘turbo boost’ as i call it to quickly light up the coals after a short period of lighting with fire starters, no more manual fanning aroundwould i buy it again?. Absolutely if it lasts at least 2 years.

I was a bit worry before receiving it as i thought that the blower is not strong enough. However, after trying it the blower was good enough to make the fire and i am satisfied with it.

Very useful tool, can’t imagine how i managed without it.

It arrived in a very nice metal box containing all the parts required for the assembly. Worked well on bbq fire, a lot easyer that a hand unit.

Okay for starting bbq, works well and easy. Would not purchase if full price.

Very handy for getting the hearth lit. Surprisingly effective for its size, but have only used it on enclosed indoor fireplaces and at close range (it is metal tipped, so can get reasonably close to the fire without burning). Not sure if it is similarly effective on more open fires such as bbqs, and it can’t project a strong current over a large distance, but if you use it within its obvious limitations as an add-on screwdriver gadget rather than a dedicated fan you shouldn’t be disappointed. The ixus isn’t bad as a screwdriver either, and when paired up with the corkscrew attachment allows you to light the hearth and then open a bottle of wine straight after. Not sure yet what the battery life is like – too early to tell at the minute – but li-ion battery will hopefully last a couple of years of reasonably frequent use before it renders the screwdriver obsolete.

Okay so the bbq attachment has never been used but the screwdriver is amazingwe moved house and having this in our pocket saved us many times.

I was always skeptical about the usefulness of these small power screwdrivers but using my main corded drill as a screwdriver often felt like taking a sledge hammer to crack a nut and regularly ended up with badly worn crew heads and screwdriver bits. This came on on amazon flash offers and decided to buy it because: – it was under £30 – it is from a good manufactureri have been impressed by how powerful this is and how easy it is to control it. I have used it to hang up mirrors, put up shelves and fix a shed and so far so good really. The battery seems to hold its charge pretty well, i have only charged it once and used it for a good few hours with few weeks in between. I havent tried the bbq attachment yet but look forward to putting that to test next summer.

I bought this from the black friday sales as an unusual present for my brother in law. I’d previously bought the bosch ixo with the corkscrew attachment (which works really well, bafflingly) and i expected something similar to that with this. The core of this is the really excellent and very capable bosch ixo screw driver which is one of the best on the market but this year’s extension is a drill powered fan to speed up a barbecue start. This actually works very well, providing a high powered stream of air to force feed the barbecue coals and produce a quicker cooking temperature.

The order arrived within the stated time and was well packaged. The shape gives it a comfortable grip and the screwdriver is well made. Having tried it several times now i feel it is a good, solid piece of equipment.

Arrived promptly as promised, very well packed. The rotation button looks a bit weak, we will have to see if it survives. However , apowerful little tool which suits my needs. Cannot comment on b-b-q blower as i don’t need it.

For some reason i was led to believe it was a bbq lighter as you get those gadgets that generate heat. The screwdriver is pretty good, much smaller than expected.

Very good and handy for doing barbecue.

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  1. Bought as a christmas present for my father. He thinks its the best thing ever. Great gift for the diy dad or just a nice addition to your toolkit. The product comes in a nice aluminium storage/presentation box.
    1. Bought as a christmas present for my father. He thinks its the best thing ever. Great gift for the diy dad or just a nice addition to your toolkit. The product comes in a nice aluminium storage/presentation box.

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