Black+Decker BLACK – Great flexible sander, lame dust suction capabilities.

So far, it’s done all the jobs i needed it for.

Excellent product, made quick time of the sanding, just very very very messy, although i think that was also the operator .

Nice sander, compact size and decent cable length. First one had to be returned 30 mins in. Second one allowed me to complete the job. Good sander and nice to use point or rectangular at front depending upon what you are doing. The vacuum is pretty useless though. . Perhaps collects about 1/5th of what is created. Got aq pack that came with a carry bag and three types of sanding sheets – 30 in total.

  • I found this sander was actually slightly slower than doing
  • I have done a marvellous job with an excellent tool.
  • does a great job of catching the dust

I had one previously,this one is much improved.

I used it on my front door and sure did meet my expectations. I have done a marvellous job with an excellent tool. Vefy powerful and easy to use.

Features of BLACK+DECKER KS272 240 V Multi Sander with 30 Accessories, 170 W

  • Reversible plate allows sander to get into awkward corners
  • Cyclonic dust extraction for a cleaner working environment
  • Hook and loop paper attachment
  • Soft bag for easy storage
  • 3 m of cable for more convenience

Only used it so far for a couple of days but works well and good value for the money. Had to wait a long time for delivery.

Have to say after reading the reviews i thought id give it a try and to be honest i shouold not have bothered. Half the dust escapes, its sticky pads start to move after a few moments of use, its very loud and seemed to sand in patches. Would think of anotehr one before buying this.

Very good still using the sanding pads that i received with the tool.

Blasts through tables, bannisters etc, does a great job of catching the dust. Got loads of use out of it and still going strong.

I found this sander was actually slightly slower than doing the job by hand with sandpaper. However, it’s much easier work with the sander, and gives a very smooth finish compared to sanding by hand. Bonus: the vacuum attachment is actually very effective – it caught at least half of the dust, which was far more than i expected.

You can buy parts from black and decker shop at the lowry centre manchester.

Excellent it did a lot of hard sanding with no trouble.

Great dander very quick and easy to use.