Bahco ERGO Right Hand Handle Medium Grip : Extremely comfortable and easy to use

Pro trade saw fantastic deal, very comfortable.

Really good product and well designed, if not expensive. I have an ambidextrous saw for general work such as panel work, but opted for this one for more delicate work such as cutting tenons and i have to say that i really enjoy working with it. Needless to say that trying to use it right handed would be a waste of time.

Alot better than using the old style plastic handle saws.

  • Right tool for many jobs.
  • keeping it straight and perpendicular is easy. Changing from rip/crosscut to tennon blades is quick
  • buy for left or right hand use are very good but after a while the holding mechanism for the

Bahco ERGO Right Hand Handle Medium Grip

  • Asymmetrical handle design
  • New safety design
  • Patented lock
  • Left or right handed use
  • Robust design

Been a carpenter for 15 years, first bought one of these handles 5 years ago and it took a few weeks to get used to but never looked back since. Had one handle for 5 years and have just had to replace it this week. Ten times better than your normal plastic handle saw as the blades for these handles are slightly thicker so they tend to last longer too.

Great grip but system handle takes up more room and can be a real problem when in tight spaces which is usual.

It so comfortable and a joy to use.

Never look back 100% only down side little bit hevey.

A modular saw system, it almost amazes me to think it hasn’t been done before ( to my knowledge. )bahco of course used to be sold under the sandvik name, and the quality is still there in the blades at least. This system provides the perfect addition. I will say that if you normally get gloves for example in a ‘large’ then the medium grip is ‘just’ okay, but really i would go for the large size, having said that however, the grip is very comfortable for short periods – i have not yet had to saw through anything overly hefty so it has only had brief use so far, but not got sweaty or lost grip at all. In case you are worried about the attachment being secure – don’t be. This was my first concern, so i only got one blade initially. However, the blade once clipped in is very solid, and feels better attached than many (including bahco’s own) conventional saw blades to their (usually plastic) handles. It attaches and detaches easily, you do not have to be either a genius or world’s strongest man to unclip the blades.

Amazing, strong comfortable for someone with big hands and what a bonus left handed.

I’ve had one of these for a number of years which i lost in an house moveand this purchase is a replacement. These initially feel heavy compared to a standard saw but the design allows that weight to be directed into the saw cut so that cutting is really effortless, even with my increasingly arthritic and female hands. Because relatively little force is required to make the cut, keeping it straight and perpendicular is easy. Changing from rip/crosscut to tennon blades is quick and easy and the joint solid.

This is it’s best selling point one handle and then buy the blades separately. Fantastic idea (wish i had thought of it. As others reviews have pointed out i was worried if it would live up-to the idea and it does, good and solid when blade clipped in no movement what-so-ever. Handel is well designed when using, have used it quite a bit now and it’s weight helps you keep to your line when cutting and is at it’s very best when combined with the 14 inch tenon blade and good also with 16 inch general use one and 24 inch coarse (so far this is all i own when it comes to blades but will be buying more). One thing i have found is that all i have to put away in my lock-up at work (i make goods from second-hand timber at a shared workshop) is the handle. . Dead handy, no ‘others’ can use my saws when i’m not there, just one more plus for this system from bahco. Cost is a bit high but if this is putting you off don’t let it, worth it in the end and i’m sure you will see.

Excellent saw would buy again all you guys out there give it a try you will not be disappointed, thanks a lot.

I have smallish handa and fits perfect so far so good.

Brilliant, unless you try to swap hands.

So as i said with the blades i purchased for this, its a fantastic buy. Being able to buy better quality blades for cheaper or the same price is a good investment, there really is nothing i don’t like about this, if i had to nit pick, the rubber has flaked ever so slightly on a few edges, but being thrown around building site. The mechanism for connecting the blades is flawless and there really is no worry about the blades wobbling or falling out, it is a great bit of kit.

Excellent ergonomic for the left handed wood worker. Fine quality interchangeable blades.

These handles which you can buy for left or right hand use are very good but after a while the holding mechanism for the blades gives up. I can saw with either hand and i do like these items but i wish they could find a better way of holding the blades in place. I shall still continue to use them as they are great but i just have to keep pushing the blade gripper down.

Firstly – it weighs a lot (i don’t want to put anyone off buying) but i say this in the fact that its quality just shouts out at you (i go by heavy weight = heavy duty). Secondly – the handle fits a treat (i’m a 19yr old with quite big hands and i have no difficulty keeping a tight grip around this, its not too big nor too small). – the locking mechanism is innovative, it just lifts out the handle and pushes the insides out to release the blade (there’s no jiggling about when the blade is locked in – well very slightly if any but that’s by forcing it)- finally – it is made out of aluminium with a durable rubber grip and its very unlikely to break. There’s plastic pads in the locking mechanism but when secured in with a blade then these should be solid as a rock. Would recommend this to anyone who wants a saw that actually fits in a smallish tool box and who wants to save a load of spacesuperb quality, can’t find any faults without being pedantic.

Extremely comfortable and easy to use. The handle has a rubber finnish that helps with grip without shedding or flaking off. A worthwhile and cost effective addition to any tool set.

Heavy well made fits in my tool bag inside pockets and the choice of blades.