Antex B110060 Replacement 1100 bit 2 : What can one say. My soldering iron now has

I used this bit to replace a worn bit attached to an old antex cx 15-18w iron.

You cant beat a good old antex soldering iron, and this allows you to make it good as new by changing the tipok, you can beat it, but for a reliable soldering iron at a good price with decent power, it is great, and this is the replacement head needed for it.

My soldering iron now has shiny new tip.

What a relief it was to still be able to find old tips for the antex cs18, last tip i brought was about 20 years ago with the soldering iron,so they really do last a long time, this one didn`t come with the retaing clip, but it still fitted snuggley anyway. Very happy with my purchase :-).

  • You cant beat a good old Antex soldering iron
  • Very effective – should have replaced the old tip years ago.
  • You get the point

Antex B110060 Replacement 1100 bit 2.3 mm for CS18,TC50,TCS,SD50

  • 2.3mm Replacement tip for Antex CS18, TC50, TCS, SD50 soldering irons
  • High quality copper tip
  • Iron and nickel plated for long life
  • Pre -tinned with lead-free solder
  • Tips are balanced to match power output of iron

Fits my very old cx soldering iron i have been looking for ages,different type of internal spring clip works perfectly much better heat transfer.

Iron coated – internal spring clip (within the bore, good fit on iron).

The simple method of being able to exchange/change bits by sliding them on and off is really good. No more having to wait for the iron to cool down and fiddling with small screws. Note: the bit is still hot so wear protective gloves when changing bits.

It is what it is, it does what it does. What more can you say about a replacement soldering-iron bit?.

Item as described, arrived promptly. Replacement for antex cx 15-18w.

What can i say, it fits snuggle on my iron, gets hot and melts solder. (also burns carpet it your careless, but she’s not seen it yet).

Quick service, quality products, always my first choice.

Prompt delivery, good product.

Good quality and fits perfectly, although i can’t comment on its longevity.

I received a replacement bit direct from antex and was fitted on the soldering iron in seconds. It worked a treat and i don’t expect that i will need another bit as the first bit lasted years.

Bought to replace very old tip which had hole in side after many years use. Easy to fit – better than old design which was held in place with clip. Very effective – should have replaced the old tip years ago.

Dose what it says on the tin, used for work for the last three week and better than the one supplied with my soldering iron.